1979 Honda PA 50 Petcock

New member here with a pretty basic question: does anyone know which direction the lever should be pointing for the regular tank and which direction for the reserve tank? "Off" is clear (parallel to ground), but I can't figure out the others. I had two of these mopeds more than twenty years ago, and I can't remember what it was.

Thanks a lot.

Re: 1979 Honda PA 50 Petcock

I'am almost 99% sure on is down and reserve is up, it is marked on mine, i just checked my service manual and it does not say...but it is a service man not an operators manual. One way to find out is to fill the tank and ride it for a while if you are still running after like 5 miles you are prob on on not reserve. ALWAYS close petcock when not riding bike, I run my carb dry every time but this is anal behavior, but I have not had to rebuild my carb again ever, a good hint is to use "stabil" fuell stabilizer in every tank of premix, again overkill but it has worked well for me. The manual is availl on MRA website. I can check any specs for you in mine if you ned it. I use 25:1 mix per factory specs, many will sugest a leaner mix but I go with stock. I use Honda brand two stroke oil and brand name gasoline.

Re: 1979 Honda PA 50 Petcock

If it is stock, back is off, down is on, and forward is reserve.

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