West Michigan riders -- Aug 16

I'm looking for some riders to assist as volunteers with a fund-raising bicycle tour in West Michigan. I need up to 20 riders to patrol the routes. Starting place is Ludington. There are 4 routes -- a 14 mile route out to Ludington State Park and back, a 26-mile route that also runs up the east side of Hamlin Lake, a 62-mile route that goes south to Hart, east to the lakeshore, then north through Pentwater and back to Ludington. The 100-mile route goes north to Hamlin Lake, east to Fountain, south to Walhalla, east to Hart and the lakeshore, then north to Pentwater and back to Ludington. The long routes have enough gas stations to keep a moped moping.

Here's what you ought to have:

1) A reliable moped! We don't want to be sagging in our support team!

2) A moped that isn't absurdly loud

3) A cell phone to keep in touch with the base station, if need be

4) A box or saddle bags or some cargo arrangement that would let you carry some bottled water or other emergency stuff (like tools to fix a flat tire).

5) A helmet

Here's what you get in return for being a volunteer:

1) Really nice routes, especially if you're on the long routes. Some hills -- a few are big.

2) Mostly low traffic along the routes. Good shoulders in areas where traffic is heavier.

3) Snacks at the bikers' rest stops, every 10-16 miles.

4) A picnic at the finish.

Here's the web page for the bicyle event:


The sponsoring organization is a local charity.

If you'd like to help with this, let me know. Also let me know how to contact you.

Steve Mertz

Event Chairman (and moped owner! But for this ride I'll be pedalling the 100 mile route)

Re: West Michigan riders -- Aug 16

3) A cell phone to keep in touch with the base station, if need be

You might be hard pressed on getting cellphone service on those routes. I've spent many a summer in Pentwater and that town is a black hole to cellphones.

I'd volunteer but my moped does not meet parts 1 and 2 and I'm in Kalamazoo, too far south to make a day trip out of this.

Good luck! Northern Michigan is absolutely beautiful in mid August (or any season for that matter) and the bike routs should be stellar! I wish I could help out.

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Re: West Michigan riders -- Aug 16

Someone do this. It will be a fun ride. If my ped was finished, id do it.

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Re: West Michigan riders -- Aug 16

Can it be there are no moped riders in west Michigan besides me?

Re: West Michigan riders -- Aug 16

No, GR and Kzoo have tons of pedders. I cant believe no one wants to do this. If my ped ran, and had a gas tank, i'd do it for sure. lol.

sounds like it would be a freakin fun ride.

Re: West Michigan riders -- Aug 16

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

If this didn't fall between being yelled at for 3 days by jerkwad FIPs in New Buffalo and moving into a new place I would be all over it. I'm sorry Steve, I do hope you get some riders that can help out.

Re: West Michigan riders -- Aug 16

not worth the gas to get up there but if gas was lower i would be there. saddle bags no but i can bungee a cooler on:P

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Put it on your calendar for next year. It's always the 3rd Saturday of August, rain or shine.

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Bumping again . . .

For all you who are too far away, there's a good campground 2.2 miles from the start of the ride -- Cartier Park. They wouldn't give us a price break, so it's $22 a night.

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ill do it....im from the east side of the state, like port huron. but its a good cause sounds like a great ride so im all over it...i also might have some mates who will join in...umm email me...

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Steve I should be seeing you tomorrow and I am interested let me see what I can work out.

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Nick --

Yes, I'll be ordering the ride shirts tomorrow, so I should be back by 1:30 or 2:00. See you then.

Also, all the volunteers get ride T-Shirts with that "Mad Rabbit" logo on our web site.


Actually, volunteers have a better deal than the bicyclists -- they have to get $100 in pledges to get a shirt. Volunteers get a shirt for just showing up!

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Here's more information:

Whether you arrive from the north or south via US 31, you will end up on US 10, which runs west into Ludington and becomes Ludington Avenue. As you get close to Ludington, watch for Jebavy Road. It runs north from US 10. Go north 1 mile and you'll see Bryant Road. The ride starts from the Ludington United Methodist Church at (about) 5760 Bryant -- about 0.3 miles east of the Jebavy Road intersection.

Volunteers should arrive there beginning about 8 am. The bikers on the long routes all get going between 8 & 10, and you folks should be leaving a little behind them, so you are sweeping the route behind the pack of bikers. Or, more fun, ride to gradually overtake them, then linger at the rest stop before you start again.

Rig up something so you can carry some bottles of water and if need be, a small tire pump, tube / patch kit, tire levers, and wrenches. All of the rest stops have emergency tools. You might have to ride ahead or back to get tools if you spot a broken down biker.

Most convenient camping is at Cartier Park, 1254 N Lakeshore Drive (Hwy 116) -- 231-845-1522. If you go to the west end of Bryant and go north about 0.5 mile, you'll see it. It's a big park on the south side of Lincoln Lake. By the weekend of the ride, the main tourist season will be slowing down, so there should be room at the campground. They charge $22, I think. Cartier Park is about 2.25 miles from the starting point at the Methodist Church.

There are lots of motels and B&B's in town, but prices are high during the summer.

There will be plenty of food at the ride -- biker snacks all along the routes, and a picnic at the end. Plenty of food of all types in town, too.

Fill up with gas before you go to the starting point. The short routes are north of Ludington, and have no gas available closer than Bryant Rd & Washington.

The riders on the 62-mile route will go past gas stations as they leave town, and then again at Hart and Pentwater.

The riders on the 100-mile route will maybe see a gas station in Fountain (20 miles) and for sure, at Walhalla (33 miles). Next opportunity for gas will be in Hart (about 60 miles) and then in Pentwater (80 miles). If you need gas and are in one of those areas, ask where the station is -- the bike route passes near, but maybe does not go right past all the gas stops. But gas is available within a mile of the bike route in all those areas.

Any questions, call or email me 231-845-1185 da_nyet@hotmail.com. Or post your questions here.

Re: West Michigan riders -- Aug 16

Route maps will be available soon. If you want one, send your address and I'll mail it to you.

West Michigan riders -- Aug 16

bump again

Re: West Michigan riders -- Aug 16

bumping . . .

Re: West Michigan riders -- Aug 16

Hope springs eternal. So I'm bumping this up into view again. I covered the 62-mile route this afternoon on my bicycle. Fueled up at Dairy Queen. While I was there a guy was joking with me. I told him I get 300 mpg on Blizzards (True!) and 107 mpg on my moped (Also true.) Hope some of you folks can come to ride. The routes are really good.

Re: West Michigan riders -- Aug 16

Here it is again. Anybody coming?

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