Speedometer Please Help

Does anyone know of a speedometer that will fit a Tomos Revival and exceed 50 mph,,,my speedometer cable keeps braking with the Tomos original 40 mph speedometer

Re: Speedometer Please Help

We don't need no stinkin speedometers. Seriously, what for? I took the speedometer off my '08 Sprint, along with the dash, square headlight and fairing, and just installed a regular round headlight. I verified my top speed after carb, pipe, and new sprocket with a handheld GPS, thats all I needed to know. I just ride with traffic. Just watch out for school zones. Peace, Jerry.

Re: Speedometer Please Help

Mopedmania /

see I want to get insurance on mine,,,I need to travel some major roads to get to work,,

Re: Speedometer Please Help

The only thing I can think of is a bicycle speedometer, but they are pretty fragile. A speedometer has to be designed for the vehicle it's on, unless it can be calibrated somehow, like a bike computer, or handlebar mount GPS. You can get used yellow Garmin eTrex GPS units on eBay pretty cheap, and you can get a handlebar clamp for them, the problem is that the batteries go dead really fast. Peace, Jerry.

Re: Speedometer Please Help

I bought a Specialized bicycle speedometer today for $25, mainly for the odometer. I got it up to a blistering 31 mph and its still there!! Hopefully it will last a bit longer.

It uses a magnet attached to a spoke that passes a computer/counter. Am AWOL magnet is my worry. The guy at the bike store said the battery should last about two years.

We'll see. . .

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