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Cody, Mike and I have been trying to get my g/f's 1984 QT50 running. A few weeks ago we had it running at about 20MPH but the carb float wasn't working so well and the fuel was being dumped into the exhaust at an alarming rate.

So last weekend we went at it again and tried to revamp the carb as best we could with the parts that Cody had and now it's running at about 10MPH tops. It's just got no guts and feels like something is wrong.

The exhaust has got some carbon in it but we're not thinking that'd the problem. The air box is clear and for what we can tell, the carb is OK. We get plenty of blue spark when we test it, too.


Re: QT50 Help

Bah! stick this in the repair section. Anyway these carbs are fussy. Get it spotlessly clean, if you've got the float working you should clean out the main jet with an orifice cleaner, this tool is very cheap and available at your local Auto Value. You may also have a clogged exhaust, this can be cleaned by throwing it (the muffler) in a bonfire and letting all the carbon and crap burn out.

Re: QT50 Help

Edward Richardson /

and as the soot demons are expelled from your exhaust in that cleansing bonfire, know that at that moment there are other QT50 exhausts being cooked across the continent. I'm doing mine tomorrow night cause I don't have a grill yet.

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