OT Davida Helmets

Considering making a purchase, was wondering if anyone had any feedback primarily in relation to the classic i.e. pudding bowl style. Comfort, durability.

Note: not attempting to re-start the debate over open or full face helmets preference.



Re: OT Davida Helmets

I haven't seen a Classic in person so I can't comment on it, but I do have a Jet helmet which overall I like.

Things to note: Its handmade and therefore will have slight imperfections.

Can you send some of the Davida girls this way? Thank you!!

Re: OT Davida Helmets

I don't believe they are DOT approved. Peace, Jerry.

Re: OT Davida Helmets

The Classic is not DOT approved.

The Jet is DOT approved.

Re: OT Davida Helmets

I don't know about the Classic, but the Jet helmet came with this . . .

Re: OT Davida Helmets

It looks cool. Thats about all they are good for, and maybe keeping you from getting a ticket.

Re: OT Davida Helmets

Nice old Moto Guzzi.

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