Have you ever gotten hit by a car ???

Kevin at 420 /

This last wed. I went to M&M moter mall to pick up a bulb for the speedo on my Moto becane 78/50v. On the way home, going down lake St. some dumb bunny made a left hand turn, from on coming trafic and nailed me me GOOD. I endeed up taking a 2 day trip to the hospital, cut, scrapes, sprains, and, mild brain injury. The good news is that 2 Kalamazoo township cops saw the whole thing. The bile "I think is totaled". Has any one elce had to deal with the leagal end of this befor ? I know there will be some bills that will have to be paid. If you know a good Att. in Kazoo let me know

Thanks Kevin

Re: Have you ever gotten hit by a car ???

matt in the cincy branch got hit buy a car....he got 60 grand out of it...

Re: Have you ever gotten hit by a car ???

Kevin at 420 /

PLEASE Tell me more I was looking to get my hos bill $400 for the bike $200 for my glasses and $125 for dental work I had done a few hrs a go and if I was lucky a grand for pain P.S. sorry for the spelling and gramer, my head is still a wee bit on the fritz.

Re: Have you ever gotten hit by a car ???

I don't know all of the details, but you need to call a lawyer dude. Matt was no expert either. He suffered from two broken knees... I think total, he got a larger number, but that went to the lawyer. The 60 thousand has to cover 2 surgeries, i think that is about 20 grand....So matt will probably end up with around 40 grand.

Re: Have you ever gotten hit by a car ???

chuck russo va /

hey, i am positive u can get ALOT more money than that out of it, u can get like 20 grand or more, there is a lil thing called pain and suffering, and u can get a shit load of money out of it if u have a good layer, they have accident lawyers that only charge you if they get you money, so i guess they know how to work the court over real good, cux if they dont get money for you they dont get paid, so... i guess start looking in the phone book for injury lawyers,

also since u hit your head a good lawyer will say u can ahve permint brain damage from this accident and u will never bee the same, if u get a really good layer, u might not have to work for the next 10 years cuz they can get u a lot of cash.

also, ree was hit by a car so maybe he can give u some pointers on what to do in court

Umm, yeah, you could say that.

Reeperette /

I took about the worst possible hit one can take, car-to-moped, and was damn near killed, it way sucks.

What you wanna do, although it's a bit late for some of it, is go to the resources section and find the MOPED SURVIVAL GUIDE under ARTICLES.

The information in there might be helpful to you.

I think the most important thing right now to tell you, is to document everything, in a legal battle every scrap of paperwork counts, get proof of EVERYTHING, keep ANY paperwork of any kind, and do not part with it.

And, don't let the hospital give you any crap, life-saving or supportive care can NOT be legally denied, and getting the law to enforce that isn't likely to happen - therefore YOU must enforce it.

If the hospital tries to deny you critical or supportive care, do whatever you have to, the law favors you.

Also, don't even talk to the other drivers insurance company or lawyer, not at all - their prime goal right now is to get a hold of you while yer "not all there" and get you to agree to really stupid things, or even blame you for the accident - so if they call you, hang up on them - it's harrassment.

Don't think they will not call you in the hospital either, they will....believe it, they might also hassle your family, so pass the word to give insurance reps the "mushroom treatment".

It sucks that you have to focus on defending yourself from sleazeball insurance company tactics even now, when you should be workin on getting better, but alas, that's the way it is.

Suspect everyone, Document everything, and get yourself a lawyer you can TRUST, someone your family has dealt with before, or can reccommend, NOT some fast-talking TV commercial sleazeball, you will regret that if you do.

Also, sign NOTHING without that lawyers approval.

In short, be vicious, or you'll wind up payin for it later.


Re: Don't sign anything!!!

James Morse /

Hey, hand this one to the lawyer! You may have a lifetime of pain from this, you don't know, and people are not "nice", so don't be either. I was "nice" once, and my hip still hurts from my $1000.00 motorcycle accident (from 1979) and the jerk didn't even thank me for not suing.


Re: I wish I knew you years ago!

James Morse /


Man, what you just said is gospel! I can't emphasize that more! Nice to see you giving such good advice!

Re: I wish I knew you years ago!

your too funny /

my friend, was hit my a car on his moped, he was turning into an apartment complex and a blue jeep liberty clipped the ass end of his moped and sped off real fast, he didnt see the car or even know what happened for a few min till some guy on a bike said that a blue jeep hit him, neither of them got plate numbers, he didnt even report it cuz there isnt much you can do with out plate numbers

there has to be a million blue jeeps runing aorund in my area

R should be a lawyer

screw harvard law grads ree's all u need

Re: R should be a lawyer

Kevin Harrell /

The rule of thumb for the insurance company's is six times medical for pain and suffering.

That being said, talk to a lawyer. You may be able to get more, the dental work may put you in a different catagorie. Nobody likes to go to the dentist, so, a jury may give you plenty.

I was hit by a car while on my bicycle about two years ago. Fortunately I was riding a bike made in the 1930's, you know the tipe with the large balloon tires and lots and lots of steel. (The bike must weigh over 50 pounds.) Fortunately, the mass of the bike took the blow, and I was unhurt, except for being a little sore for a few days. Long story short, settled with the insurance company for a little over $600.00. I probably would have gotten the price of a Kmart bike, $100.00 more or less, from the insurance company if I was not a lawyer and did not know how to present the information to the insurance company.

You hafta understand..

Reeperette /

I didn't know a lotta that before I was hit, and it cost me - my only saving graces were a healthy dose of natural skepticism bordering on paranoia, and being too damn stubborn to give up and die.

When yer laid up and crippled so bad you can't even move, and left to die, one of the few positive things you can do is study the relevant laws and regulations in order to better understand what your rights and needs are.

(Not to mention if you have a telephone, with that kinda time on your hands you can make a real pain in the ass out of yourself by calling in support organisations, the press, and anyone else who might even remotely be of assistance)

One massively annoying part is that this is where I learned that the law is only as good as any enforcement of it, and no good at all when people violate it, and there's either no enforcement body responsible to do anything about it, or they are that enforcement body, then it becomes a no-holds-barred kind of brawl.

At least this guy is in good enough shape that he's no doubt gonna make it, I was being stalled off by the hospital, medical care system, and disability on the assumption that I was gonna die anyway, and if they could stall long enough, it would hasten that process and they wouldn't have to bother.

Ever seen a Federal Judge lose his cool totally and blow a gasket at someone personally as well as professionally ?

Shoulda been there when THAT little factoid came to light, in combination with the realization that I had somehow survived for a very long time without critical medical care.

Judge Vaughn wanted SOOoo bad to take off his robe and beat the crap out of them, but settled for makin em pay, and he could do that because I have complete and damning evidence of everything, in a small box (which I still have) that I had been keeping the paperwork in from day one.

That "proof" is your life, protect it like it is, and NEVER fork over the originals without getting a reciept and a copy for your records to replace it, staple the receipt to the copy.

A lotta folks in this biz will make sure to "lose" those originals while processing them, so take no chances.

Having paid a very dire price for that knowledge and experience, damned if I would wanna watch any of you guys learn the hard way.


Re: You hafta understand..

Kevin at 420 /

Thanks for the Input and support. first thing tue morning its off to the lawers!!!

Re: You hafta understand..

420 eh? You sure you weren't alittle.......hazy when the accident happend? lol toke till ya choke

Re: You hafta understand..

Kevin at 420 /

No thats my house # What were you thinking?

Re: You hafta understand..

chuck russo va /

kevin maybe u should make a post to clear up your name, when first saw your name i thought u were some kinda pot head that put 420 at the end of there name to brag about it

Know a good lawer in Kazoo?

Kevin at 420 /

Just thought I"d ask. Has any one have a recomendation for a lawer in Kazoo? Let me know thanks Kevin

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