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About a year ago, I rebuilt an '80 Puch Newport from the ground up. Both the engine, and the rest of the moped. I won't go into the engine, a Puch engine is totally different from a Peugeot. But I did keep them totally seperate. I didn't even start on the engine till I finished the rest of the moped, I just removed it, and set it aside. I used several small cardboard boxes, and several ziploc bags, and made a lot of notes, but didn't take any pictures. A moped is really pretty simple. I did replace a lot of the nuts and bolts with new ones just because. Basically, I took it completely apart, kept the parts separated in groups, carefully examined each and every part, cleaned everything that wasn't mechanically perfect, and I do mean cleaned, as in surgically clean. Everything that had any damage or wear, other than purely cosmetic, got replaced, which was pretty much everything but the frame and wheels, and a FEW other parts. After the whole moped was back together, I then rebuilt the engine/transmission. I did it the same way. I replaced all the usual parts that get replaced during a rebuild, plus a few other parts that didn't meet my standards. It took several months, and several hundred dollars, and I didn't even repaint it, I wanted to keep the weathered look. What I wound up with, was a brand new moped, for the price of a brand new moped, not counting all the work, that still looked like an old moped. I've put more than 4,000 miles on it since the rebuild, with no problems at all. I did it completely stock, no mods at all. I resisted the temptation to just get it running, and start riding it. If I had, most likely all of the above would never have happened. I had other mopeds to ride while redoing that one. Peace, Jerry.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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