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I went to my local Honda dealer today to pick up some oil and touch up paint for my '85 Honda Elite 250, and I happened to check out the new line of Honda Scooters. They had a really neat and retro looking 50cc Scooter called the Metropolitan. The price tag was about $1,700. The owner said that this bike would be considered a Motorcycle in PA (and in NJ) since it had no pedals. I don't think I would go through all the hassles and expense of obtaining a NJ Motorcyle license just to ride a 50cc scooter. I would just assume keep riding my vintage mopeds. BTW....I will be getting my NJ Motorcycle License in a little over a week after I complete a 2 day Motorcycle Safety Course next weekend. NJ gives you a waiver on the road test if you take the course.

I also checked out the 80 cc Honda Scooters models. Price was about $2,400. Their looks haven't changed much over the years. I personally wouldn't shell out $2,400 for an 80cc bike.

Lastly, I checked out the 250cc Honda Reflex, which is the latest and greatest version of my '85 Honda Elite 250. I have to admit that the new Reflex is very cool looking and does look more like a Motorcycle than my Elite 250. But at $5,000, I think I'll hold on to my $300 (1,500 original miles) Elite. The new Reflex is very sleek and you can even get it with ABS brakes for another $500. IMO, the Reflex is being marketed to the Yuppy crowd who are afraid of manual shifting bikes, as well as having other Bikers know that they are riding a fully automatic scooter. I personally could care less who knows I drive a scooter. I've never really cared what other people think of me. I'm a 38 year old CPA and I drive a '73 VW Bus and a Super Beetle to my workplace while my peers driver Bimers, Porches, Acuras, Lexus, etc. If my job wasn't so far from home, I'd drive my moped to work.

Sorry for the long post.


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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