your on

It appears that i have been challenged.

Hmmm, let's see who's first?

i think miguel scrawny ass would be too easy,

i'll save him fer last. But danny boy, I haven't

seen you peddle your moped recently,

i hope you won't go back on your word.

I haven't had sweet virgin man ass in a long time.

watch out....

Blue Lion

Re: your on

i can't remember just now. was blue lion the little nerdy kid? or was it the guy that never could quite get the princes?

i know yellow lion was the chubby guy. pink lion was the princes. and black lion was their leader (who got the princes).

although ... the best voltron wasn't the lion one. rather, the one w/ a much larger crew which was only released in the us for a limited time. i'm sure any voltron fan knows what i'm talking about.

btw, i still can't for the life of me figure out why you have all this hostility? none of us have ever come out and attacked scooters. but you seem to lack common sense by charging into a large group of moped army members thinking you're bad ass. we were'nt pissed off before. but now we are! good work, sabu.

Re: your on


You guys pissed off?


okey dokey, the war is on nerds.

"fixing stuff since 1997"?

I think it's time to purge

the streets of your pasty white



Blue Lion

Re: your on

Re: your on

hey, you're not even a jedi knight! don't try to front. they're looking for your ass, too ... you may not be safe ANYWHERE

Re: your on

btw, we're not pissed off. you don't even threaten us in any way. so this is the last thing i'll post to your insignificant ass. you can't even spell, let alone think. so i'm not worried. none of us are, moped army or jedi knight.

you're so funny. i bet you're so cute. smootchie smootchie. ha ha ha ;-)

Re: your on

I watching it.

Re: your on

Reeperette /

I saw we invite his ass to our post on memorial day, where I will proceed to race his pathetic little Vespa with my max-moded Targa, and leave it standin in my rear-view mirror.

That oughta do for his issue quite nicely.

Of course, he'd never show...he ain't the type, none of them ever really are, they prefer to be nice and safe and supposedly anonymous behind a computer miles away - but when the rubber meets the road, they can't hack it.

Ain't reality a bitch ?


Re: your on








Re: your on

Simon King /

good. come.

Re: your on

you silly billy. foot soldiers are from tmnt(teenage mutant ninja turtles, for the lamen type). are we to believe that voltron, the jedi knights, and the turtles not to mention splinter, april o'neill, and countless other friends of the turtles are now against mopedders? that seems kinda crazy that they would all unite against us.

another thing. at least we know and admit that we're dorks. at least i do. and also you never hear anyone boasting about being an actual decepticon robot, just as you never hear any of us from pa claiming to be holidays, we realize it's just a name. we're much more about actual riding rather than role playing. so admit your obvious nerdy interests and life may just get a lot easier for you. nobody will ever believe that you're tough when you ride a scooter and post threats on internet message boards, reason being, you're not. so either make some life changes or just come to terms with your inherently nerdy self. dork boy. :)



-moped army-

Re: your on

Troll -- Circa 2001

Re: your on


Re: your on

woah, simon king post

Re: your on

Another "oldie but Goody...Notice how Mr. King does not loose his Cool ! ~

Re: your on

wow, none of those people have accounts anymore, and the links are all done. 10 years is a long time, 'specially on internets

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