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Jon Packard /

Hey guys, thanks for all the help! I found all the parts at Moped Warehouse (pipe and sprocket) that will get the sprint up to 35-40MPH. However, they sell the jets in 45,50,55.............. I believe I should use the 55? Can't find the jets 50,51,52,53....... I did have a reply that you get the correct jet with the biturbo? Do I need to get the jet from another supplier?

I can port the air box. Where do I drill the holes? What size and how many?

Great forum!


Yer welcome

Reeperette /

#55 should do the job, without porting the airbox.

I was lookin at how the Tomos airbox fits, and it's probably not worth porting it, although some folks have removed the airbox entire and gone way up in jetting....

I know at least one person here has, hopefully they'll chime in on this thread and tell you what jet they are using.

But You should be allright with what ya got - remember to do plug chops to check the mixture before you really put the shoes to it, ok ?


Re: Yer welcome

I just jetted the dellorto on my Grande up to a #66, with my modyfied airbox....Lotsa power! My 70cc kit isn't doing as great as I thought it would though. Next I am going to put some lighter weights in my variator, to see if I can get the RPMage up. Maybe that will utilize the power of the 70cc kit better?

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Well, thinking about it, the 70cc kit will give you the same power at a lower RPM. So are you sure that's the way to go?

I think there is a better discussion of it in Wayne's thread about his scooter's mods.

Shoot, I keep forgetting if lighter weights make the variator expand faster or slower...... wasn't ever good at calculus either.

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InfectedBootSector /

Still running slow on her?

Man... I can't figure that one out. My Puch is a monster now withe the 70cc Eurocilindro kit.

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InfectedBootSector /

Lighter would make it expand slower.

Think of an ice skater with his/her arms out.

When they pull their arms in, they spin faster.

Now, take an ice skater holding watermellons. The ice skater spinning with the watermellons spining at the same rate as the one without, would spin faster when they pulled the mellons in, because the extra weight allows the skater to have more potential energy, which turns to kinetic energy when the arms are pulled in.


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InfectedBootSector /

Wait.. after I was thinking, that works from the outside in, but if it has lighter weights, it would expand FASTER, because it needs less energy to get the variator up to the speeds to get it to expand....

Never mind about my previous post. I think I was wrong.

Re: Yer welcome

Antoine Caron-Jobin /

lets face it, 70cc kits are bullshit, everyone seems to be complaining about them...I f you really want a 70cc motorcycle just buy a ct70 or such

Variator 101

geeeez ... forget figure skaters and waterfreakinmelons... lol

Lighter weights means the variator closes LATER ...

Lighter weights has the same effect as shifting a manual tranny at 5000rpm instead of 3000rpm.

Lighter weights = better acceleration.

On some variators it also means lower top speed.

No problems here...

InfectedBootSector /

They aren't for everyone...lets face it. I don't like them much myself, but the one I do have does work, and it works great.

Too many people get in too big of a hurry and rush it. They don't check the parts when the get them, etc.

Why did I do it? I had an extra Puch motor and got a good deal on the kit. I had fun.

Simple as that. Read, don't push it, and be carefull. Your pushing a machine beyond its limits, and its going to snap if you do think it out first.

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