Tomos ID Help Needed

I've looked through the picture section and found several Tomos models that look identical to mine. So either they are mislabled or I'm just confused. At any rate, I'm trying to identify what model my controls are from since an eBay seller I'm dealing with swears up and down that these controls are not original to my bike. Given that the guy I bought the bike from repaired one of them with wire and an allen wrench, and the electrical tape repairs elsewhere he was not prone to buying replacement parts.

Can anyone help me ID these controls? I'd really like to get this sorted out so I can have a front brake that works.

Re: Tomos ID Help Needed

well any tomos controls should be able to be made to work. as for a brake u should be able to rob that part from a bike or get it from Wall mart

Huge Pictures Sorry

Re: Huge Pictures Sorry

Those are normal A35 controls, domino style or whatever I think. The stuff they have at <ur></ur>;.

Re: Huge Pictures Sorry

It does look like an A3 though but the controlls should still work from an A35.

Re: Huge Pictures Sorry

u just need to hook up your brake cable to your lever if the rest works let it be

Re: Huge Pictures Sorry

The problem is that the mount on the handle is too small for the cable I bought from a guy on eBay who swears he sent me the right part. I also bought a replacement handle from him since I manged to break the handle putting the wrong cable on. Whoops. And of course the replacement handle I bought from him doesn't fit into the control because it's too thick at the pivot point. My original was metal and long and his was plastic and short. It's a 2004 A 35 which incidentally, won't idle.

I just want to be able to figure out what part I need so that I can get him to exchange the parts that he told me would fit for ones that actually do.

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