Thanks from Matt Tozer's MOM

Moped Army gang,

Melissa, Jason, Rodger and I would like to thank ALL of the Moped Army members who wrote comments and also all those who gave generously to Matt Tozer's Memorial Fund. Most of you never met Matt, but accepted him as one of your own. We thank you. He loved your site and learned much from you all, and hopefully contributed too!

Thank you for the check of over $1,400! What a blessing to us.

A big thank you to Cindy Chu for her organization with Melissa to get the contributions going.

God Bless

Matt's Mom

Re: Thanks from Matt Tozer's MOM

It was wonderful to be able to do something in such a tragic time. It was also wonderful to see your family rally around each other and friends and to a higher power and support each other in such an even.

It was a personal lesson about family , friends and faith for me.

I'm glad i had the chance to help, although i wish the oppertunity had never presented itself.

Best to you and your family.

Re: Thanks from Matt Tozer's MOM

I would have loved to chip in some money to help you all but at the time I was broke and still am but I'm glad that you and your other family members have been keeping us updated to this and everything and I wish you the best of luck and for you all to take it easy and be carefull.

Re: Thanks from Matt Tozer's MOM

It was the least we could do.

Re: Thanks from Matt Tozer's MOM

As a fellow parent my heart went out to you when I read about the tragedy. I'm a parent myself and can think of nothing worse than losing ones child. May you find solice in knowing you will see him again when its your turn to go home.

Re: Thanks from Matt Tozer's MOM

Matt was such a great kid and certainly a wonderful part of our Moped Army family.

It was an honor to have been given the opportunity to help you in your time of need...

I will be wearing Matt's T Shirt at our Boston ride tonight to do my part to keep his beautiful spirit alive.

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