Re: When to sell? This year or next?

stop making west virginia look bad.

Re: When to sell? This year or next?

Yeah for reals, I was just thinking of those times Jello came to the union and was like "Blah blah blah, lisp lisp lisp" It was awesome.

P.s. I just hope I live to see the next mass redistribution of wealth. Its gonna be apocalyptic. They got the guns, but we got the numbers. And some guns.

Re: When to sell? This year or next?

Did Jello finally come out of the closet?

Re: When to sell? This year or next?

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

I'm alright with revolutions. At least when people revolt and spread wealth they're doing the theivery themselves. I mean, if you want to steal from the rich, don't be a pussy and have the government do it for you. Go do it yourself. Carpe the diem, motherfucker.

Re: When to sell? This year or next?

go ahead with your mass redistribution of wealth, the smart, well-connected people will get all the money back in a couple months anyhow.

if you're poor in this country it is because you are lazy or stupid, or choose to be poor.

I'm a little bit of all three, but i dont expect anyone to subsidize it.

As a college student who puts in 40 hrs/wk working to pay for school, over 40 between studying and going to class, and anything else in the margins working on mopeds, you're damn right i'm gonna want to keep more money when i get out than people who go to tech school and get drunk in the margins. People who are moving the economy, creating jobs, and increasing the aggregate intellegence of this country shouldn't have to pay for dumb slackers.

If someone in india can do your job for 10 cents an hour, you should probably get working on learning some kinda skills because the protection afforded to americans by the oil bourse and government subsidies isnt going to be here in 10 years when china and inda get their shit together.

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