Gearing question.

I'm going to be getting my moped running within the month because of some money I'm getting from my birthday and I had a question about top speed and gearing. My bike has a Minarelli V1,it's going to be restored to practically stock spec but I'm going to be changing the gearing for better low end. I'm thinking of a 9 tooth engine sprocket and possibly,if it might fit the 52 tooth rear sprocket on Handybikes. I'm hoping it fits,I've only got the fact that it's a 4 bolt design on my side. My main question is how fast will the bike go if its geared as low as possible. Will it go at least 25-possibly 30?

Thanks in advance


Re: Gearing question.

well geared as low as possible like 2 but u r not making custom gears. so probably any where from 15 to 25 depending how low u go. 1 tooth less on the front will give u all the torque u need. 1 tooth can change your bike a lot, trust me on this. just get the 9 front and see if it gives u enuf, if it doesn't then get the 52

Re: Gearing question.

this works pretty well for me

Re: Gearing question.

Thanks guy I've used the calculator and I think I'll go for a 13 or 12 tooth instead of a 9 since I'll be limited to about 19mph.

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