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Ron Brown /

On Thursday last week, the temperature being a balmy 35 degrees or so, I fired up the Honda 500/4 and rode to Detroit to help a friend fix an electrical problem on a motorcycle in his shop.

Thoroughly enjoyed the ride, despite the necessary snowmobile suit, mittens etc.

The problem was easy to fix and left me with the time to admire a Jincheng "moped" sitting in the front of his shop.

Apparently, the Michigan definition of a moped no longer includes pedals, making all scooters and bikes less than 50cc eligible for moped stickers.

You can see a picture of this bike at


Look under motorcycles for model JC50Q-8. This bike looks better in person than in the picture. The one I looked at was red metalic and they also make a blue as well as the strange green color shown in the picture.

You will have to take my word on this being the closest thing to a motorcycle I have ever seen without being one under the law.

As you can see, it is styled as a cruiser, complete with forward controls, king/queen seat with real frame mounted passenger footpegs and outstanding paint and chrome accents.

Mag wheels, 4.00 X 14 rear and 3.00 X 16 front, 4 speed? trans and electric/kick starting.

This bike feels and looks so cool you could probably pick up chicks! Although it may be illegal to ride 2 up and tough to go anywhere fast.

A 70cc kit is available and the "out the door" list price is around $2,300.00.

If anyone happens to be in the neighborhood, you can see one at Fryer's Motorcycles, 2238 Grand River, Detroit, between Telegraph and Lahser Roads.


Get a bandana, cool shades, some tatoos and a black sleeveless T-shirt/leather vest and check it out.


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Tell me more about this bike, I saw it here in Miami and it looks so cool, and I saw the speedometer and it gets until 70, is that 70 miles per hour, or kilometers per hour?, :

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Ron Brown /


It may as well be furlongs per fortnight! I believe it is in kph but it is not going to do much over 25 mph stock. However, they do have a 70cc kit for it.

I am hoping for a test ride as the weather warms up.


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Fred you ever test drive one? hehe I know weve talked about them alot.. here and there.. just wondering.. they rock

Re: Jincheng Knight

Never test ridden one .. but I have ridden right beside two of them.

And a local dealer has them - I have talked about them with him.

Two summers ago I saw one in traffic (riding right with the cars - not on the right) .. and I rode next to him on my motorcycle till he stopped and we talked a bit.

(the rider was ... ummm ... 'slow') .. bike seemed fine.

The other was about 3 months ago and I was on the PA .. rode next to him for bout a half mile in heavy traffis .. we took up the full lane .. traffic was so heavy we weren't slower than them. He had like 3000 miles (1year old bike).

They can't be very fast stock .. cause they only do bout 30.

the 70cc kit is available though .. probably doubles the HP (??)

They look JUST like a full sized cruiser motorcycle ... just shrunk about 60%

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Jamie Leonard /

ROFL - under cross-country machines, they have the TR36L-D Cherub, which according to their specs sheet (I'm not making this up) says

"The gear shifting apparatus gives the rider a pleasure."

Hmm.. no WONDER they probably don't want some of these imported into north america... think of the moral implications! ;)


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welp.. I rode one fred and Do almsot ever year for a week when we go to panama city i rent one.. and they go mroe then 30 rest assured.. hehe..

I ran a full stock one and it would go 50 pretty respectivly.

a 4 speed transmision and only 30 would be sick

Not here they don't

They are sold here as moped-legal.

The 50cc ones here only 30 or 32 (stock).

Thats a fact.

Maybe our rules are diff. from yours though.

Re: Not here they don't

Chris MWH /

Though I have not riden one I feel certain that if they were offered as a moped here in NJ they would easily outsell the Revival. Dont quote me on this but I hear they do a solid 40 with the to 70cc kit.

Chris MWH

Re: Not here they don't

Tab Patterson /

I have heard rumors of really shaky transmissions if you try to hop one up. They are of "typical Chinese quality." They look so cool, though. I would have to try before I buy...

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As to the speed of the bike... You are off a little on it's abilities. I own one, which I picked up as a part of a trade this past spring, and out of the box it will run between 50 and 55 mph. I have installed the 70cc kit on mine, and that took speeds up to about 65, and it'll hold a steady 58 with my wife on back who weighs about 120 lbs., though the rear springs really don't care for that much weight on the bike. I weigh about 165, and the bike performs ADMIRABLY underneath me. I had an old Norton Commando in high school, and allowed a guy $1,400 on this bike in a car trade because it feels so much like the old Norton in size and ride quality. For ANYONE looking to buy a bike which doesn't require the licensing and insurance requirements of a motorcycle, then this is your deal! Some states require that the bike have less than 50cc (This is a stock 49.5cc), but NO externally shifted transmission. So you may have to talk fast. Most cops know about the size requirements, but almost none know about the trans deal. All I can say is go and and ride one. It'll impress you almost assuredly.


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This post is extremely old.... Who are you talking to?

I was hoping you were the one in the picture! hahaha

Re: Jincheng (Deezs' at it)

Holy crap Deez --- U pop up everywhere!

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