Moped Theft ATTEMPT

So 4 hours ago,

I was called on my phone by the Police. The guy on the other end began to tell me that the security guy at the building I work at noticed 2 men picking up my moped and beginning to haul it off. !!!!

I have always considered this possibility, but never really imagined that people would be that gutsy to actually pick it up and haul it away! Furthermore, how far would they get? I have the rear tire chained, and its right next to a security desk, actually, only 30 feet away.

So it ended up with the security guy calling the police, the police chased the two guys down the road and lost them (on bicycles) and my moped is relatively unharmed other than the chain wrapped many times around the wheel.

UGH, just my venting. Lock your bikes ladies and gents.

Re: Moped Theft ATTEMPT

Should have chased down the little bastards yourself and gave them a severe beating.

Re: Moped Theft ATTEMPT

Yeah, I would, and have hurt people pretty bad for stealing my bikes.

Re: Moped Theft ATTEMPT

The old shotgun shell + nail to the primer under the seat. Don't even leave it locked.

Overkill? No such thing.


Re: Moped Theft ATTEMPT

Yeah, that would be sweet to walk out and find like a pile of guts and meaty bits that used to be a thief. I would totally get drunk and forget though, and bam.

Re: Moped Theft ATTEMPT

this is why i carry a guillotine with me at all times

Re: Moped Theft ATTEMPT

That's why I kill homeless people before they can come up with the idea to steal my mopeds.

Re: Moped Theft ATTEMPT

💀Kim Jong illest💀 /

^^^^its totally worth it to buy a few 40s, dump some draino in them, put the cap back on and leave them in the slum.

Re: Moped Theft ATTEMPT

someone took a bike off my porch one time with the rear wheel locked to itself. he was struggling pushing it down the road at like 4:30am when some dude from the liquor store yelled at him causing him to run off into the night. next thing i'm getting a phone call from the cops at 5 in the morning...didn't answer. then my parents called me a minute later...i was really confused so i didn't answer. then the cops called again and i finally answered to have them tell me they had my bike and i could come pick it up. i said "now?" and they said "uhhh, yeah." as though what i was asking was a silly question. sooo, ended up going to the police station to pick it up and explain why the guy was having a hard time pushing it...

turns out the popo looked up the license plate on my car and called my parents because it was registered to my dad at the time and they figured out the bike was mine even though it wasn't registered. guess i got lucky.

Re: Moped Theft ATTEMPT

some guy i know was bartending, just got a brand new somo bike, and finally, after like a week, forced himself to be ok with just locking it up outside instead of hauling it to the basement. so he gets a notion, looks outside during his shift, and notices two kids with wrenches trying to steal his rims.


he yells something, and like 10 of his friends run outside and chase them a few blocks, catch up with one of them, and beat the shit out of him!

why they didn't steal his wallet for the id, i don't know... that's what i would have done

not saying i could beat anyone up by myself, but if i were 10v1, i would definately take the little fuck's id and craigslist it or something

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