several questions

"i got my first-ever moped this weekend (1980 Garelli) and now have some questions for you seasoned riders.<p>--anyone know anything about moped laws in northern virginia?<br>--what's the best way to keep my moped from the clutches of evildoers? it's in my apartment right now, but once i start riding i won't be able to haul it up and down the stairs every day. it's going to have to go outside and i'm already imagining the day it's not going to be there. i've heard a bike lock is best--true?<br>--my moped has an ""oil injector"" so the gas doesn't have to be mixed in the tank. the guy i got it from said he never used this. anyone else have one of these devices? is it reliable?<p>thanks for any help setting me on the moped path,<p>a. "

Re: several questions

"Can't help you with the laws or the injector (but I always wanted one, but it would really suck if you blew your engine because it didn't inject)<br>but the lock I definitly recommend the U locks, just lock the back wheel to the shock or to any thing clos"

Re: several questions...IM IN N. VA too

"<br>1)Q. --anyone know anything about moped laws in northern virginia?<br> A. --Well I live in Arlington and in No. Va you dont need a license or insurance. All you need is a helmet. Dont be a jerk off with it, ride safely( I am 17) <p>2) Q. --what's the"

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