UK Moped Documentary DVD

I just purchased "Old Skool Bikes of the 70's & 80's Vol 1: The Mopeds" from the above people.

All the peds featured are top tanks - called sports mopeds in the UK - except for one step-thru Garelli.

The interviews are with middle-aged guys who rode them as 16 year olds and now restore and ride the makes and models of their youth.

Very good value for money. The DVD does play on US DVD players as I can attest having just watched the documentary.

Re: UK Moped Documentary DVD

Are these real mopeds with pedals. They think mopeds are most 50cc powered bikes, if they have pedals or not. And most of the ones they have do not. I hope this about real mopeds.

Re: UK Moped Documentary DVD

Shanbo 5150 /

I'm originally from the UK Patrick...the laws passed in the 1970s to permit 16 year olds to ride motorized two wheelers demanded that the bike be under 50cc AND have functional peddles.

Originally this law was to encourage young men to ride step thrus - since the previous laws allowed a 15 y/o the ability to ride a motorbike up to 250cc. So it was a road safety thing. The Japenese and Europeans saw a loophole in the law and simply made manual geared 50cc motorbikes that had functional bicycle peddles (which meant they were mopeds) to comply with the law...many of these were capable of 50 plus MPH stock...Eventually the government cracked down and placed restrictor plates etc mandating no moped be able to go over the sports moped craze over there was very short lived.

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