Suzuki FA50 Modification

My friend has a 1982 Suzuki FA50. A guy was telling him that there may be a cylinder kit that would convert it to a 70cc engine. Does anyone know more about this? Like where it could be bought, and so forth?

Re: Suzuki FA50 Modification

I've heard this rumor as well. Apparently it already exists in europe, its just a matter of getting it too the states. Funny though, I haven't heard anyone actually getting there hands on one. You'd think someone would have a friend or family member bring one back from denmark or wherever they are available.

Re: Suzuki FA50 Modification

they are available in the Netherlands and chad at said he had them ordered

Re: Suzuki FA50 Modification

he said this at k-zoo and a performance exhaust welded up will help a lot on the top hurts the bottom a lot to but u gotta trade

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