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I searched but couldn't find an answer.

I'm looking for tips on mixing oil and gas. I don't really have a place to store a can of gasoline so.... What does everyone in my situation do? I was thinking of putting the oil in a squeeze bottle so its not as messy at the gas station.


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this has been posted like 5 times in the past day...

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Buy what you need at the gas station, mix it in a gas can, fill your tank, and dump the rest on the ground. That's what I do.


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Chill Snowman.

Once I had mine modified (and I am an ignorant mechanic) I was advised to run 32:1 & 91 octane. 300 miles now, no problema. Modification? Simonini circuit pipe, delorto 13:13 carb, malossi hi-flo filer, "perormance variator" & a bore job.

Honestly, you can probably survive on a 40:1 mix. Maybe it's not rocket science, but "ratio rite" cups were designed for a reason.

-- Joe

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Or what you can do is fill up your tank, look at how much you put in, figure out how much to put in, put it in, and rock the bike back and forth on its center stand, then side to side off it. I do that if I get stuck low and far from my premix.

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In my messenger bag I keep a 3 ounce vial with oil in it, and a can of premix at my house. So if I am stuck I can mix in tank, but I really try not to. Just mix more than a gallon at a time and keep it in a temperate spot in the basemnet and top off before you go. or in a closet covered woth some blankets that you dont care if they stink.

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My emergency fill-up method: In my tool kit (you know, the useless factory one) I keep a 35mm film canister full of 2-stroke oil. This holds just over 1oz. I stop at my fuel pump and retrieve from the waste bin a 1qt (32oz) oil bottle. I dump my oil in the empty bottle and fill it CAREFULLY. If you're lucky the little cap is just hanging by the seal ring and you just shake it up producing 1 quart of 32:1 which should be enough to get you home.

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I always fill up at home before going anywhere, and if I am going very far, I carry an extra gallon of premix with me in a saddlebag. If I'm going farther than that, I have the empty one gallon jug to premix in. Most everybody here mixes in the tank, but I wouldn't even consider it. If for some reason I did get caught in that situation, I would buy a one gallon red plastic gas can at the station to mix in. Peace, Jerry.

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