Does this realy work?

Does this work for a motobecane?


Re: Does this realy work?

C:\Documents and Settings\chawayfos\My Documents\mopeds\jj.jpg


Re: Does this realy work?

a peugeot cdi will not work on a motobecane. as far as the variator goes, define "work"

Re: Does this realy work?

Im looking for a cdi replacement for my bike, but why would it say it works for 50 v.Sign up for Store newsletter

MBK motobecane 50v 51v malossi CDI ignition

Quantity: 1

Condition : New

12v CDI ignition for all motobecane mopeds - av7 or av10, 50v or 51v. Includes everything you need to set it up - ignition coil, stator, flywheel, nuts/bolts, backing plate, regulator, stickers and some very handy instructions in italian and french.

Re: Does this realy work?

Its on ebay

Re: Does this realy work?

the picture you attached says peugeot103cdi. if the ad says its for a 50v and you have a 50v, then it must work. haha. why are you looking for a cdi replacement anyways?

Re: Does this realy work?

Well hopefully it will get rid of the heavy magneto and give a better timing for my bike. How well does the clutch thig work? do you have any pics that uses it?

Re: Does this realy work?

no offense, but most of this stuff is not for beginners. i would really do some searches on the general, repair, and performance tuning forums, so you are more familiar with your bike... you are asking a lot of questions that have been covered lots of times. do some searches, learn some shit. good luck

Re: Does this realy work?

I not really a beginner i have engine stan and over thirteen engines got parts coming out the ass.I just want to see if i can get a more durable engine.


Re: Does this realy work?

well, if you dont know what "this clutch thing" is, you need to research. i have a ton of tools. doesnt mean im an expert in electrical, plumbing, mechanics. and i have WAY more than 13 engines. i still use the search function and try to learn.

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