Derestricting Honda Sky

Alexander Wilson /

Okay, So I've recently baught a Honda Sky, But it only does 30mph so I'm guessing it's still restricted. Nothing on the exhaust from what I can see, No washer... No extra pipe...

I've taken the transmission cover off, And looked at the variator, And I can see a silver tube between the two sides of the pulley, But it looks too big to be the washer, about 1cm, maybe 1.5 in length... about the width of an average middle finger (Might be a little smaller)

Either way, i cant get the variator face off cause if I turn the bolt, The variator turns with it... And I dont want to damage the plate.... Any idea's on any other restrictors? Or if this IS a spacer?

Re: Derestricting Honda Sky

Ah, it's a scooter. I have a Honda Metropolitan. The only restrictor it has, if thats what you want to call it, is a plate between the carburetor and manifold. I removed mine, and gained 3-4 mph in top speed, but lost a lot of low end acceleration, so I put it back. The top speed of the Met can be increased in several ways, an aftermarket variator, a less restrictive air filter, a less restrictive exhaust, and a new CDI. The stock CDI limits engine speed to 8000 rpm, you can get an aftermarket CDI that removes that restriction. The cylinder is cast as part of the crankcase, but is fairly thick, it can be safely bored out to about 60cc, and you will need a new piston and rings. It will also require a larger carb to get the most out of it. In the U.S., all that will cost you about $1200, and gain you about 10 mph in top speed (from 40 mph to 50 mph), there will be no noticable effect on acceleration, but the life of the engine will be about half that of a stock engine. Thats for a Honda Met 50cc, I don't know if the Sky has a similar engine/drivetrain or not. I do like it's big wheels though. Peace, Jerry.

Re: Derestricting Honda Sky

Alexander Wilson /

Luckily for me, There are LOADS of scooter tuning parts in europe.

Yeah, i just found out, i dont have a restrictor on the variator...

Which is wierd... Considering it's only doing 30mph...

But the block between the carb and the manifold sounds interesting, I'll have to try it tomorrow, See if I have one...

I've also been told it MAY be on the reed block

Re: Derestricting Honda Sky

Basically nothing Jerry said is of relevanance to your situation because you have a two-stroke scooter, based on the minarelli engine(i think). The metropolitan is a four stroke.

You can get a Technigas next R here break>

You're going to want to get a high-flow air filter and rejet the carburetor when you install the pipe. You're on your own with the jetting, since i don't know which carb you have, try any decent scooter shop for info and jets.

There ought to be a washer between the two cheeks of the variator, but maybe they didn't need that restriction in your area. A good variator kit will increase your low end and midrange, and take real advantage of that exhaust upgrade. check out this doppler system break>

I think you're looking at about 200 pounds for all those upgrades, which is not too shabby at all.

Re: Derestricting Honda Sky

Oh, if the pipe and carb and variator don't do it for you, the basic 70cc kit will combine with all of them very well and give you an all around gain in speed and performance.

Re: Derestricting Honda Sky

Alexander Wilson /

thing is, I cant see how it can be derestricted if it only does 30 mph =/

Re: Derestricting Honda Sky

Chances are there is a limiter in the CDi box. Buy one of the auto advance dealies off of ebay. Look for one that has the same kind of connections as yours. It possible that you have a restrictiion in the exhaust header, but that's not really something you can remove. It's why i suggested a new pipe first and foremost.

Despite the common stories, I don't think there are often restriction "washers" in scooters that are easily removed.

oh, and I meant a technigas Next and a high flow filter. There was supposed to be a link in there but i must have made a typo.

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