expanshion chamber

Im just wondering if anyone has ever tried using a 50cc dirt bike expantion chamber and pipe? Sounds like it would be a good idea, those little dirtbikes fly and all they have is a pipe and a big carberator.

Thought about it...

But I havent tried it yet.

One problem with them is that they are designed to take advantage of the more radical porting and compression and carbs of those bikes..... The whole engine is a system designed to work together... and the pipe from a mini won't be exactly what you need.

But I have been on the lookout for one myself.

Another problem is that most of them are "snail" pipes (their shape is almost a spiral)... So making them fit might be a bitch (cutting and welding)

The one I've been looking for is from a Yamaha PW-50.

If you find a used one cheap...try it.. It has to be better than some of the "tube going to a box" type of "muffler" on some peds.


Ped performance and the government.

You know what the biggest problem with peds is don't you?

Our government rules...that's what.

The manufacturers already have fast (50 MPH), powerful (7 HP), durable scooters for almost the same price as the 2HP US government mandated peds... really only the brakes make them cost more.

Derbi, Aprilia, and Yamaha (and others) make them now (scooters),

But the US gov says you have to have a full motorcycle drivers license for them.

(and scooters and peds aren't all that different mechanically)

Good or bad policy??... That depends on your point of view... But it's obvious from the percentage of people who want to make their stuff faster, what the general public wants.

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