DC area riders?


anyone in the dc area (MD NOVA)

trying to meet some people riding and maybe got the know how to give me some tips on getting my carabela working better (First ped) just did first ride to my gf's a few miles away. some how killed motor but shouldnt be too hard of a fix!

lets gab!

Re: DC area riders?


I'm one of the only active people in this area. There's a couple others, but not many. We're also pretty geographically separated. You just start riding?

Re: DC area riders?


just got a 79 carabela and been slowly trying to fix it up...

where abouts you at?

Re: DC area riders?

I just picked up my first ped too. I'm now looking to start a gang in NoVA. I'm in Springfield. Those from DC or MD are welcomed but it's kinda hard to get to VA via moped from either.

Re: DC area riders?

I ride erry day here in College Park. I'd ride with you if they let me take the ped onto the metro or if I can find a route to get to DC.

I think we do need to get an informal branch in DC going though. It's the nations capital for pete's sake.

Re: DC area riders?

I am in springfield, va

We need to do a meetup one of these weekends before summer ends.

Re: DC area riders?

I'm on vacation all next week. I'd love to get a ride together somewhere.

Re: DC area riders?

I'm out of town this weekend, which is a rarity in it's self. But I'm looking to ride whenever. Minus the ol' workgrid M-F 9-5 time frame.

Like I said, I'm looking to start a NoVA branch. I've got 3 other friend right now in the hunt to pick up their 'peds. Figured I'll invite anyone, who wants to, over to my place and we can start from there. Hit me up on AIM if you're interested.

Re: DC area riders?

heck yea...this is going to be ballin.

Hey Boofer I got a maxi to sell soon. Possibly to one of your friends. Great condition.

I'll hit you up on AIM sometime.

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