Kinetic carb. jet

What is the original size carburator jet on a Kinetic tfr.

Re: Kinetic carb. jet

The TFR carb I have here has a 45 main jet.

Something to note about the Kinetic is that it is a Vespa copy and most parts are similar.

Since I have worked on several Vespas mopeds, I have found the TFR engine an interesting study. One thing I learned on the Vespas is that the carburetor and exhaust seem to be tailored to specific models. The Ciao, being the lower end moped uses a 10MM carb with a 43 main jet.

The Grande uses a 12MM carb and a 49 main jet. Another interesting item is the air filter. The 10MM carb has a disc before the filter element that has three holes, while the Grande has one with six. This is for less restriction.

The TFR has a Ciao type of setup.

I would guess if you replaced the carburetor with a 12MM from a Vespa, it would boost your performance. It would bolt on except for having to swap tops on the carburetors. Kinetic uses a Dellorto copy with a different top.

If you run across a bunch of dellortos for a Vespa, it's easy to spot the 12MM one.

If you look in the air filter side of the carb, on the 12MM the choke blade in the open position just touches the edge of the air inlet.

More than you wanted to know?


Re: Kinetic carb. jet

does a kinetic tfr moped has a dellorto carbureto(then wats the model of it) .

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