Tecno Estoril

Trevor calls me a few minutes ago saying: There's a tecno estoril on ebay with a buy it now for $74 shipped.

I proceed to login and buy it after the auction's only been up for an hour or so.

I veeery excite!

Seriously though i was just wondering if it was anybody here that was the seller?


Re: Tecno Estoril

Pablo Puchasso /

Saw that. almost almost bought it. Hope it works out for you.

Re: Tecno Estoril

It's a nice pipe. I have one on an '01 Targa, along with a 70cc Airsal kit, 15.15 Dellorto, foam air filter, and 27 tooth front sprocket. I get high 40's, Peace. Jerry.

Re: Tecno Estoril

Good all-around pipe. airsal, 14 del, estoril, on an A35 = 50mph with zero work and it gets there fast. Make sure it's bolted up good though, lost a few exhaust studs because of that heavy ass pipe.

Re: Tecno Estoril

glad to see we like it!

I think it was Jean Hank Ho, (their paypal was jeanhank@gmail) so I'm sure the pipe's nice.

Also, i'm putting it on a Puch Dakota (50cc's, but four gears) with a 16mm Del SHA. Stock this bke goes up to 45 so...


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