Lock tite?

Ya'll had mentioned a spray that could be sparayed on my bolts once they were tight to keep them from loosening due to vibration. WHat is this called and does it really work? TKS, Timm.

Re: Lock tite?

yeah. its not a spray. its just a liquid in a little bottle. its called threadlocker (locktite is a brand of threadlocker) and you can get it at any hardware store. it works great.

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Yea, that's the stuff.

Blue, not red. Blue will hold fine for most things. You have to heat up the red stuff to get it to release. I use red on stuff that is really bad with vibration or if I won't be disassembling it soon/often.

Re: Lock tite?

TKS guys............

Re: Lock tite?

it is the shit

Re: Lock tite?

locktite itself comes in 3 types

WHITE - easy on/off typically used to make certain bolts stay on longer untill they can be re-tightened, also used on parts that are often replaced/removed it is also literally the weakest threadlock out there.

BLUE - the standard "i'm tired of that bolt fallin out" this is the stuff to use on stuff like headlight bolts or something you want to take off again at some point, fair ability to hold

RED - this stuff likes to hold anything you put it on together forever... like it was said before usually needs heat to get the bolt back out, this is great for AFTER you've painted everything and have your project looking like you want it, put this on your exhaust bolts for it to act like the blue stuff, put it onto your fenders to prevent them from practically ever coming off, unless you're riding mountain rock/dirt trails with your ped, in which case give your ped to someone else, you're abusing it. :-P the only thing stronger than this stuff is JBweld, and some 2 part epoxies.

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