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I've used JB Weld for years fixing things and love the stuff. It will mend and fill holes for sanding and never gave me any trouble.

I just bought the J B Quik , sets in 4 minutes tubes. I don't know what 's in there but I had a serious allergic reaction to it. I mixed a small amount to fix something with a stick, scraped it on the item and smoothed it over. It took me 1 minute, never got any on my skin, only breathed the fumes a bit.

My eyes swelled up, I got itchy arms, had an asthma attack and felt horrid for 2 days.

I'm allergic to fish and wonder if it has fish oil in it like glues did 30 or 40 years ago.

Just thought I'd pass this on.

Re: O/T J B Quik

On top of that it is NOT gas proof like regular JB Weld is. I used it for two petcock repairs, and after a few weeks it was soft and pliable like hard chewing gum. I do not recommend it.

Re: O/T J B Quik

Yeah, Jb weld is already almost too good to be true, 5 minutes would just be too triumphant.

Re: O/T J B Quik

JB Quik and JB Waterweld are two different things, right? I've used JB Waterweld (also stuff in a tube) with a modest amount of success on tanks and such. No allergic reaction for me, though. Sorry to hear that.

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