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does anyone know anything about shipping moped parts that are part of the feul system including the engine? I know ups wont ship anything even if it still smells like gas, so hoe would you ship an engine, there is noway you could purge it of oil and gas enough not to smell.

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I would drain the oil out of the crankcase and wrap it real tight in bubblewrap. I would also double box it (box within a box). That should do it. You could also mail it USPS Parcel Post. Make sure you tell the person that you're sending it to that you drained the oil out of the crankcase so they know to re-fill it before trying to crank it over.

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I had the same problem with a gas tank. I won it on ebay.

I had the seller wash it out with soap and water, then rinse it with water and then water and rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol helped the water to evaporate. Then it was bagged in a black trash bag, and wrapped in saran wrap.

The box she used held it very securely, and was very clean outside- no holes or grease spots on it. On the packing list she just put motorcycle parts-new.

The gas tank had already had a kreem kit in it, so I wasn't worried about rust.

Make sure the parts are as clean as possible, and DRY- use a hair dryer if possible.

Don't give them any hints that it's a messy oily part, and you shouldn't have any problem.

Re: shipping parts

Hey Bart, same here, I shipped engine and tank, UPS, and call them bike parts, Plug all holes and wrap in heavy garbage bags, Doubling them and tape end problems. If no they ship it hazardous. pretty expencive... doug d

Re: shipping parts

I was shipping a carb and the guy opened the box to check if it was clean

I guess I shouldn't tell them whats in the box,

but then I might get arrested for terrorism

Re: At my local UPS Terminal

They got a sign by the door that says "All packages must be open...etc. etc."

Then there's the subject of "Concealed Hazardoud Materials"

They WERE checking packages at the counter when I got there.

You can read about what I went through in htis forum under the topic: "UPS Drones".


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