Lazer Sport Mopeds are CRAP

I bought a Baron Lazer moped from Jerry of J&J Motorsports and have serious problems! It arrived and I took it to a mechanic to have assembled, it ran 11 miles before blowing a seal. Before it even left the shop, the electric starter quit working. I contacted Jerry to have the repairs made under the warranty, he offered to replace it with a Laser Sport 2 when they were imported. I have waited 8 months, and now Jerry has told me I will have to sell the defective moped and buy the new one at full cost. We had a verbal contract that Jerry is not fulfilling. Baron motorcycles is no longer importing for Jerry as he is a dishonest businessman. The Laser Sport moped is poorly manufactured and represented by a dishonest businessman!

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Here’s the deal, I’m legally blind. I was in a coma, my brain swelled into my eye sockets and tore my retinas. I cannot pass the vision test, so they took my license. I have been illegally driving (with no accidents and not even any close calls) for 2 years. I need legal transportation. In Montana a moped that is under 50cc and can be pedalled without the motor running is legally concidered a bicycle. Problem solved…not quite, they’re hard to find! I live in Montana, and desire a moped with enough torque (or 2 speed) to maintain speed up the hills and mountain roads. As this is to be my daily transportation I would prefer a 4 stroke (ease in fueling, no oil on my pants). Also, I’d love to find a 2-seat moped so the lady and I can ride together. I found a Kinetic that is marketed in Sri Lanka called the Safari 4S with all these features, but am not sure how to get it imported. If anyone knows of a good quality, 2-seat, 50cc, 4-stroke moped with a 2-speed transmission I would LOVE your help in helping me find my freedom again! It’s getting old asking for rides everywhere. If you have any information in helping direct my search, please share with me. I may want too much, or may desire the wrong features. Thanks for you time and assistance!!!

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BryAn eurism /

I'm afraid your situation is dire. A lot of the Society were pinning their hopes on Baron Lazer J&J as the bike to take mopeding into the future. As far as Kinetic all I can say is RUN FAR AWAY from anything they make that finds its way stateside. A lot of the Asian companies have had ample time to prove their mettle and have not felt they have to conform to American standards.

That said, why have you not considered TOMOS? All their models excluding the Sprint have oil injection, a tank under the seat. No oil on your clothes there. Everything from '06 to present has a catalyst exhaust, so eco-friendly there. Now that you're out of excuses they have 2-speed auto trans that RIPS up hills. BUT I'm afraid you waited too long and tried to cheap your way by, TOMOS bikes are SOLD OUT in the whole USA and will be until Terrydean knows when

Good luck on finding a used one

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Yeah, find a good used tomos, and get a performance pipe put on. You will be in the mid-upper thirties all day and they did make some with peddles, but a lot more with kick start/pegs.

Re: Lazer Sport Mopeds are CRAP

My Tomos Streetmate has pedals and rear pegs for a passenger. I bought this bike on ebay. Look there maybe you'll get lucky.

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dude i have seen some sick sick sick cheap bikes out in montana over the past few months. I was really jealous because i couldn't get out there. just keep looking on ebay. Y might not find something that has a 2 person seat and pegs, but you could always do the after market thing your self. a kit probably woulnd't hurt too much either

Re: Lazer Sport Mopeds are CRAP

What seal blew ??? Replace it .

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