Help with my moped selection...

Here's the deal, I'm legally blind. I was in a coma, my brain swelled into my eye sockets and tore my retinas. I cannot pass the vision test, so they took my license. I have been illegally driving (with no accidents and not even any close calls) for 2 years. I need legal transportation. In Montana a moped that is under 50cc and can be pedalled without the motor running is legally concidered a bicycle. Problem solved...not quite, they're hard to find! I live in Montana, and desire a moped with enough torque (or 2 speed) to maintain speed up the hills and mountain roads. As this is to be my daily transportation I would prefer a 4 stroke (ease in fueling, no oil on my pants). Also, I'd love to find a 2-seat moped so the lady and I can ride together. I found a Kinetic that is marketed in Sri Lanka called the Safari 4S with all these features, but am not sure how to get it imported. If anyone knows of a good quality, 2-seat, 50cc, 4-stroke moped with a 2-speed transmission I would LOVE your help in helping me find my freedom again! It's getting old asking for rides everywhere. If you have any information in helping direct my search, please share with me. I may want too much, or may desire the wrong features. Thanks for you time and assistance!!!

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Leon Swarmer /

Whew, i don't think you are going to be able find what you are looking for. 4 stroke mopeds are pretty rare, and generally underpowered. We may be foreced into them with EPA regs, but we won't be happy.

Something to consider besides the 2 speeds is the variated peds. They have variable speed belt driven trannies and are supposed to be good on hills. ( I don't have one running yet)

Are you up for wrenching on an older one? If you are looking for a newer ped you'll be more limited.

No matter what you buy you'll need to learn to take care of it...Not a lot of dealers in Montana. Good luck.


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I just posted infomation about this in your other post. If you have any specific questions ,let me know.

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You wanna new moped? Can you afford $1700 at the most? You can get a TOMOS with pedals or without that includes a 4 month, 4,ooo mile warranty for all parts and labor. My tomos guy took good care of me and as the USA Tomos in located in S.C. turnaround on parts is very minimal. I'd suggest you get a Tomos. They're powerful and good looking. Of course, as the previous respondent mentioned, you're not going to find a 4-stroke moped. 2-strokes have quicker acceleration, they are very simple in their mechanical operation (less problems) and you don't need the liquid cooling that some 4-strokes offer if you get a good 2-stroke (Tomos). Air coolin gwill suffice unless you plan on spending all of your time sitting at stoplights in 90 degree weather. The lesser Tomos models have to be gas and oil mixed ahead of time , so you just can't go to a gas station and fill up. The mid to upper level models have a separate oil reservoir that automatically feeds into the gas for a mixture. I have a 2007 Tomos Streetmate ($1650) and it certainly catches eyes. The faux gas tank in fron tof th erider is actually a storage compartment where I put my helmet when I feel like living dangerously. No other Tomos and few mopeds have a dry storage area. There are a few quirks when you first buy it, but people over-dramatize the problems. It involves a little wd-40 and watching the color of your exhaust. No biggie. Let me know what you decide to do. PS -- These fanatics on here would have you fixing up a 1970's model; pass on that - too many headaches and no warranty. Cheers, Timm.

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Yes, there are optional rear foot pegs for this model and its weight capacity is 350 lbs.. It's the most heavy-duty bike out there.

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Also, it has a two speed tranny.

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I don't think there is a stock moped alive that can climb a hill with 2 passengers without strugglin' something fierce.

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These are the three Tomos dealers in Montana. Hope this helps.


101 57TH ST. S


Tel: 406-727-8566


528 W. Idaho

Kalispell, MT 59901

Tel: 406.752.6606


138 W Broadway

Missoula, MT 59802

Tel: 406.721.9666

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I do about 23 mph with two people up a slight incline. Also, an upgrade to a 22T rear sprocket should increase this to the upper 20's.

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timbo 2 things

first with a "lesser tomos" u can just fill up at a gas station just shake well

second as u can't read no one suggested he get a old ped in fact most of us have told him to get a tomos

to Elijah define stock, once u mill the head a bit and a few other tricks u should be able t do it. stock parts still.

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It looks like the only dealer up and running in MT is <>. Go to the last paragraph on the showroom page and you will be resent to <> to view the models.

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Yes, but you have to carry a gas can around to mix the gas and oil. Unless you mean to run your tank almost dry, put in the oil, then gas, and shake your MOPED well. lol.

Re: Help with my moped selection...

go to:

Re: Help with my moped selection...

I would say that a Tomos Streetmate or Revival TS would be your only choices for a quality new moped. Peace, Jerry.

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timbo yes i mean in your gas tank it isn't the best way but it works and i know a few people who do it really it works just shake very well

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shake mix is the only way to roll.

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Mopeds are for one person to ride, I think most states requier a license, New Jersey will allow a moped license to 16 year old drivers. If you have a regular license you can drive a moped all drivers require insurance. I think you are asking for troble for yourself and others by not haveing good eyesight. Shit happend fast sometimes!

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