stock origional dumb question

WHat makes something (MOped car etc...) like origional...

what i mean is if you have a 79 car or whatever and you replace all engine or repaint it when does it become not origional or whatever...this might be vague but i have always wondered.

Re: stock origional dumb question

If any part is not there and/or replaced with a part that does not look like the part that was there to start with, it is no longer original.

Re: stock origional dumb question

Leon Swarmer /

Some folks are picky enough that if the enigne Number wasn't the number that came with the frame, they won't call it orignal. Same attitude can prevail with a re-spray of paint too.

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Re: stock origional dumb question

Expecting matching numbers to call something "original" isn't picky, its just what original means. Replacing the engine is a major change that makes something not original. Obviously no respray too. And other parts that may have been replaced should have been replaced with an identical part. Its not like something being "original" makes it inherently better than something that has been repainted or has a different engine or lots of performance parts.

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