Phoenix to Portland

I would like to ride a stock moped from Phoenix to Portland. Does anybody know if there is a legal route for getting there? Peace, Jerry.

Re: Phoenix to Portland

adventurecycling has bicycle route maps. So far they've worked great for my moped road trips. Not sure which portland you mean, but if you're going to Portland Oregon head west to highway 1/101.

You'll get to camp on the beach and ride thorugh the redwoods. Awesome.

Re: Phoenix to Portland

Is there an online resource or do you need to but these maps from them. Not that I mind, seems like a sweet site....

Re: Phoenix to Portland

jerry i think a couple people have linked some really good sites in the past for bicycling and shit. if you search for moped roadtrip you should find some good info as long as its over 4 months old. lol anything before that will be about targaped.

btw, awesome!

Re: Phoenix to Portland

Fuck your Boys Club /

yeah, and watch out cuz i think most of california is/was on fire or some shit.

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