1995 tomos targa lx whats it worth?

I just found a tomos targa lx for $400 its in ok shape( was repainted(ok job some scratches) has a crack in the front headlight fairing 2in long and the gas cap had a key but it doesnt now(needs a new gas cap) it also has about 3K mi on it. the bike has pegs not peddles and starts on the first kick. it also has a bi-turbo exhaust. all the lights except one blinker work.

so my Q is $400 too much for this moped?

Re: 1995 tomos targa lx whats it worth?

I think that aint that bad of a price when my green targa was nice it was worth about 450.

Re: 1995 tomos targa lx whats it worth?

I wouldn't pay over $200 for a Tomos in that condition, for $400, you should be able to do better. Especially since it is a non pedal model, and has been repainted. Prices on vintage mopeds are going up like crazy, but new Tomos mopeds like that one are still being made. I sold an '05 Tomos ST pedal model with 2000 miles on it, completely stock, and in showroom condition, except the oil injection system had been removed, for $500, and thought that was a great deal. I recently bought an '01 Tomos Targa stepthrough, with pedals, in fair condition, several plastic parts were broken or missing, turn signals were missing, lots of scratches, but with only 1300 miles, and it runs great, for $150. I intend to use it to build a custom out of, and all the parts I needed were still there and in good condition. Peace, Jerry.

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