Need help identifying purchase (1976 motobecane)

Hey all,

I bought a new/old moped yesterday and need help identifying it. I know from the tank it is a motobecane. The vin tag says its a 1976 and it says 50 and mile:20. it is in decent shape but is missing the whole carb or most of the carb. The guy said the old man he bought it from stored it inside and was going to rebuild it but, pulled the carb off to clean it and misplaced it. I payed $120 for it and was wondering if I made a bad decision. Also I tried to do some research and found that there is a 20mph version and 30mph version. I'm guessing I got the 20mph. How hard is it to get parts (a new carb) and is there a way to make it faster if it is the slower version? I am going to post pics showing what is missing in replies b/c I don't know how to post multiple pics in one post. If you seen anything else missing please let me know. Thanks!!!!


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looks like he pulled the carb top off and its still attached to the cable....the float is missing maybe? go to and to the repair section, theres a motobecane shop manual there and you should find some info there.....and a diagram of the carb and how it goes appears to be mostly there although the airbox and filter are missing

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the carb body is there, but i doubt it's worth rebuilding. talk to benji at treatshq on ebay, or the folks at 1977mopeds, and get a new carb. dellorto products can help you now, lots of info on the conversion is here and in the wiki section, ask around! nice bike :)

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you should be able to tell which one you have by the number on the mfr certification plate on the front. i don't know exactly how the 50's work, but mine is a 7 and the A model was the 30 mph version, he B was the 25, and the C was the 20 mph version. i have to assume the other mobies were marked in a similar way. mine is an A model 7 from 78, and it does go right around 30 or 32 mph with the stock carb.

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