i soft seized, for the first time, today.

i feel... older, somehow.

Re: deflowered

ohhhhh sheesh, i remember my first time.....

i was going so fast, passing trafffic like what, then BAM.

Re: deflowered

ya, like emeril - BAM!

but actually, kind of anti-climactic.

it was on jackstands at the time, revving like mad. i got a spare piston anyway, no big deal.

no more paper gaskets for me though!

dremilled off the carbon on my head, scraped off and polished the cylinder and head mating surfaces, drank a few beers. i'll swap it out tomorrow.

i guess that's how it goes. you gather up your clothes and stumble out into the daylight...

Re: deflowered

my first time was when i put my metra kit on first ride down the road forgot to mix the gas richer this was along time ago noob mistake the it size and i almost feel off, which i should have i deserved it, but alittle oil in the cylinder and she ran fine luck and god was with me on that mistake.

Re: deflowered

riding through a parking lot to hvae my backwheel lock up and my engine sezie due to my oil line geting pinched. 2 hour walk home in 98 degree heat with ungodly humidity.

good times.

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