hey theyre is a ride from Cambridge to glouster and back all day tomorrow! up and down the coats, it should be very pleasing to our eyes.

im going, me sibling Dan is going, Jo is going.

who else is going?

where are we meeting(somone please fill us in)

everyone that wants to go spoken for?(say somthing)


Re: BOSTON Listin UP!

im going but il meet up with you guys in beverly/salem on rt1a

what time is it

Re: BOSTON Listin UP!

of course I'm going... gonna break in my new Boyesen hi perf reeds!

Re: BOSTON Listin UP!

i dunno yet leave cambridge at 10am?

Re: BOSTON Listin UP!

sorry! I am at the Jersey Show pickin up the wife and kid...I will be driving all day! It should be a fun ride, the back roads up that way are great!

Re: BOSTON Listin UP!

Sullivan & Sullivan,llp /

I can't make it, I got some errands that need gettin' done before work tomorrow night. have fun!

Re: BOSTON Listin UP!

what is the speed on this ride?

Re: BOSTON Listin UP!

.001 mph

Re: BOSTON Listin UP!

yeah you should come susan i ride slow anyways and we cant get lost cause its almost impossible to get lost in that area

Re: BOSTON Listin UP!

the speed of the ride is gonna be whatever the slowest bike is. jay email me your number @

Re: BOSTON Listin UP!

I overtightened my clutch and it appears to be shifting hard now...despite the loss of some weight (both diet and teeth), looks like I'm out of it till I figure out what it's doing...

Re: BOSTON Listin UP!


We are leaving at 10.... if you want to come on the ride we will plan the route accordingly... and ride at your speed!

We will get you there and back safe and sound!

Sabat said that if you don't want to take marley you can double up and ride with him on his bike!

Re: BOSTON Listin UP!

rats i totally would have taken sabat up on his offer, but too late now!!! it's cool maybe next time.

Re: BOSTON Listin UP!

ps sabat if you're ever back in boston and want to carry an extra 125 pounds of dead weight, let me know, i know someone who would love a ride on a tomos. (me)

Re: BOSTON Listin UP!

we havent left yet...we dont have your number!

We wanted to call you last night but mopedjay wouldnt give up your number!

get in touch

Re: BOSTON Listin UP!

hey guys, sorry i couldnt make the ride today. i had to go to a grad party in conneticut. hope you guys had fun.

oh and im headed up to vermont for the week so i wont be at the ride wednesday. but i will be making this ride wednesday:

<iframe width="425" height="350" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src=";hl=en&amp;geocode=&amp;saddr=stockbridge+vt&amp;daddr=05851&amp;mra=cc&amp;dirflg=h&amp;sll=44.111254,-72.309265&amp;sspn=1.159545,2.834473&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;t=h&amp;ll=44.111254,-72.309265&amp;spn=1.159545,2.834473&amp;output=embed&amp;s=AARTsJo0_0xXD2dqJaTELEkaWIfyLD-M1w"></iframe><br /><small><a href=";hl=en&amp;geocode=&amp;saddr=stockbridge+vt&amp;daddr=05851&amp;mra=cc&amp;dirflg=h&amp;sll=44.111254,-72.309265&amp;sspn=1.159545,2.834473&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;t=h&amp;ll=44.111254,-72.309265&amp;spn=1.159545,2.834473&amp;source=embed"; style="color:#0000FF;text-align:left">View Larger Map</a></small>

Re: BOSTON Listin UP!

anyone get back yet

the problem was with the primary coil it wasnt blown but someone did a crappy solder job and the wire fell off and theres was another bare wire that was grounding out

well the moby runs great now

i didnt know where you guys was so i went to gloucester and headed down 133 west to go home

Re: BOSTON Listin UP!

Im back.

Shit man that blows jay

We got to the beach, swam for like a half hour then rode to gloucester and got pizza, but there is no godamn cell service there, susan kept calling ya but it woulnt to thru...

I was right about the hamilton wenham cops though lol

Re: BOSTON Listin UP!

We just got back

Re: BOSTON Listin UP!

i figured that my cell worked a bit in glouc but kept loosing service

whats wrong with the wenham cops they never bother me there

Re: BOSTON Listin UP!

The first time the arrested me for riding without my proper papers was 1982

and we had to go through all that 'can you carry a passenger on a moped'' shit back then

Re: BOSTON Listin UP!

i ride through wenham all the time my friend lives down the street from richdales

Re: BOSTON Listin UP!

they were actually really nice. They couldnt figure out why i just stopped and pulled over once they went by.

i went to hamilton wenham high school, and man, you just didnt fuck with the cops in either of those towns, they had way to much time on thier hands and not enough to do.

These guys were cool. They were obsessed with the whold "can you ride double on a moped?'

I had to say to them, "im your age, remember the moped shop in wenham? remamber some of those mopeds had a back footpegs?" and the cop was actullly like "yep"

I graduated with that cop, he was alright. They used to be such pricks.

You should have heard dan, he was like the politician..."were from a club in boston"

They could not believe anyone had ridden from boston to gloucester and were going to ride back!

Re: BOSTON Listin UP!

isnt wenham kind of like out of the way going back to beverly from gloucester

thats on the other side of beverly by topsfield and danvers thats how i went down there this morning all the down rt97

Re: BOSTON Listin UP!

yeah but there is this little bit that is between hamilton and beverly....

Thats where the got us lol

Re: BOSTON Listin UP!

oh ok

Re: BOSTON Listin UP!

wednesday destination ... this should happen

New England Sand Sculpting Festival: Revere Beach

Re: BOSTON Listin UP!

Sounds great Tim!

I say YES!

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