New member of my herd

Picked this up off a friend I wont say for how much but it was not bad, thanks for the pedals Jay


Re: New member of my herd

Um....what exactly do you need to do to get all this cool ass shit from mopedjay? I mean, thats a rocking ped! Wanna trade something? I always wanted one of those.

Re: New member of my herd

looks like the pedals worked out for ya huh

cool you put at all back to stock

see what i picked up today

Re: New member of my herd

Jake Shaughnessy /

both of them look sweet. I picked up a free spirit for 125 runnin a couple of weeks ago. Do you still have the after market pipe? Ill buy it off you if you wanna get rid of it

Re: New member of my herd

Is that a lazer with a minerelli?

I have a lazer with a franco morinni

Re: New member of my herd

the pipe that was on it went onto my 76 maxi now it really flies this free spirit runs the balls with the top end I got off ya Andrew

Re: New member of my herd

Oh and its not exactly stock it has the magnum high torque top end on it

Re: New member of my herd

Ha Haaaa you got the lazer off that guy huh? he likes the yamaha better than that!!? Awesome

Re: New member of my herd

yeah he loves those yamahas

i got it runnin and it hauls ass but the back tire went flat and the wiring is all messed up

and it seems to be running lean and its not the carb so im guessing it might be a bad seal or gasket

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