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Our community car show was today, and I entered the Green Maxi. The registration table wanted to put my moped in "Special Interest" when I filled out my form, but I asked to be in Foreign Motorcycle class because I wanted to compete with other cycles, not just low rider bicycles and wagons. I was approached by at least 2 dozen people while I was cleaning it and told them all more information than they wanted to hear about the bike, and in 100% of each and every conversation the phrase "...with $4 dollar a gallon gas..." was said by the other party, including several times by one fellow. I hate hearing that. At any rate, the judges were quite impressed with my bike, they didn't think it was a 78, they thought it was an 08 until I pointed it out on the Vin tag. I took first place :) I'm quite pleased!

Oddly enough, the "community days" are called "Mosquito Days" which is a little ironic, being that I'm moving to Seattle in a month.

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Were their any other foreign motorcycles competing, or were you the one entrant?

Either way congrats!

Btw that is a sweet lookin' Puch

I take it you painted it?

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Congrats. What were the other entrants like, any cool motorcycles?

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theres one in my town tonight, i was thinking of buzzing down. i saw a trick mini clubman headed towards it, we exchanged waves going by each other.

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congrats Phil. I <3 your mopeds!

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The bike is powder coated. There were some crotch rockets there and a really cool little mini-bike with a torque-o-matic variator which was really pretty cool, but my bike was certainly the cleanest by far, I've only put 30 miles on it since I put it together, so it's basically brand new. Anyway, I've got myself a sweet big old trophy now to put on display. :)

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Congrats, Phil! That bike deserves a trophy. Is that the frame that was sitting on your dining room table the day I bought the Bat? That thing looks so nice i'd be afraid to ride...

It's funny, I was thinking about how much fun it would be to take my peds down to the James Dean festival, turn a few heads. That was the hardest part about selling the Batavus was I was about half finished with a beautiful restoration. Here's the only pic I got of her post-repaint:

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Congrats! Thats a huge trophy lol.

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That's an awesome looking repaint, I love the white on red!

This trophy is big, and it's got a goldwing looking bike on it, I think I'm going to tape a picture of the ped onto the cycle.

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Congrats Phil!! Well deserved - Puch FTW!

Your meticulous work is apparent.

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