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Geoff Gross /

Hi all. Some of you may have noticed my last post about the rusted gas tank, but I have more questions...

I just purchased a 77 peugeot 103 for a hundred bucks. (wo-hoo!) I'm looking for any info pertaining to this ped on the web or elsewhere. Owner's manuals, service manuals, chilton's, etc. Really any info on this model would be appreciated. I know next to nothing about mopeds, and particularly about the peugeot.

Also, if anyone knows a store in southern calif. that deals moped parts, I'd appreciate the tip.

Thanks a lot,


one more question

Geoff Gross /

Another question:

How do I check compression in a moped? In my car I just remove the plug and crank the starter a few times. But here there's no starter. Do I just insert the tester in the plug hole and pedal?

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Re: Peugeot 103 Info

Myrons in Fullerton, more north. you can get manuals at most good parts house Mopedwarehouse, Handybike, Do a search on moped parts. Dan

Re: one more question

they say you are suppose to pedal until the gage stops moving. its real fun to try and hold the gage in one hand while leaning forward on the ped to keep the back wheel off the ground, and pedal enough to get a reading....

I have a 79 103 that I might be parting out if you need any thing for this bike

Re: one more question

I just did it, but I don't have a center stand, i just rode it down the street a few feet with the gauge wrapped around the cables so I didn't have to hold it.

Re: one more question

And you said you don't know much about mopeds....

does it have compression?

Re: one more question

Geoff Gross /

Well, it runs, so it has to have some compression. I rode it around the block twice the day after I got it. Top speed was around 20-25mph I'm guessing. The speedometer (doesn't work) goes up to 50, so I assumed that the engine needs some work. I haven't had a chance to look at it too carefully, though, and it is diffcult to ride with the external gas tank suspended between my legs (the tank on the frame is rusted).

Thanks russ, i may be contacting you for parts in the future, as I get going on this project.

Re: one more question

Put the tank on the rear rack and run a line to carb, I doubt if you going to see 50 . if your doing 25 not that bad.

Re: one more question

what up with everyone actualy encouraging people with rusty puegeots to use external tanks.. this is insane.. go get you a frame dude.. I read like 3 guys offerng them for just shipping. Its not safe to use an external tank bungee corded down or whatever and besideds youll make a great looking moped look like a piece of shit.. that wont attract others to ride.. anyways tha tjsut my true feeling why rig shit.. fixit right.. sure rig it while you wait on a part if you can't stand not riding. but me.. I owuld think this would be the perfect time to do a compelte break down of the motor a cleaning of the carb time for new points and such while your waiting on that free frame to come. And your 50.. is probly kilmeters which shold be roughly 30-40 mph and I htink thats about right actualy. I'm not a math wiss but i bet thats what it is.. becuase I have enver seen a peugeot register over 40.. most only do 30 or a bit more max.

welp.. sorry for the ramblings.. if you need specific help there are alot of us peugeots owners on this board...

mines a 78 102... i have a few 80 103 parts and having a 79 TSM shipped to me soon... (still crossing fingers)

Re: one more question

I agree - I've already talked to someone about getting a new frame; I'm waiting for him to get back in town and send it. Right now I'm taking the thing apart and giving everything a nice cleaning. (BTW, any ideas on getting rid of external rust besides steel wool and elbow grease?) The external tank is only for me to check out how it's running.

Which, as I found out last night, isn't that good. It starts okay when cold, but after a few minutes, the engine dies rather suddenly. I was uanble to get it restarted immediately, but after a minute I tried again and it started, but only lasted for about 10 seconds or so. Any thoughts? I haven't taken a look at anything related to the engine yet.


Re: one more question

Geoff.. before you worry about starting it.. go ahead and take that head off... it should have a lil copper gasket.. maybe not though if it is paper be very careful... I am sure your moped has a ass load of carbon on the piston.. you can buy some carb cleaner and knock that crap off.. also I would take ascrew driver and very gentlyscrap it off.. put the head back on torque to around 11 pounds.. you can also Take off your exhuase becuase I think that why it is stalling.. just a guess though.. its probly clogged .... the stalling seems like it is stalling after it warms up and the idel goes down... might be just bogged out becuase of the restriction. Take some snad paper and rub between your points a few times.. get a new plug wire and plug.. you want to use like an ngk5 or6 in them.

I found a 6 works pretty good for me. Also

on the carb.. (your gonna relaly learn to love there carbs.. ya right they are terrible) anyways. it probly has some crap on the filter.. I found the carbs dont get much trash ever actualy in them but it normaly has a ton inside the filter you can unscrew the thing and the filter is inside the carb just pops out. the coil and wire are the same (one peice) but you can get an 8mm plug wire.. pull the whole wire out of the coil

and skin the new wire foldering the elctrode over.. the 8m is the same size as the coil opening and you can use some greese to help shove it back into the coil.. it will fit snuggly and you wont have to worry with it falling out.

I dunno if any of this information really will help you.. but I would suggest look at the exhuast and the head first as they are the easiest.. Even if you dont solve your problem cealing the carbon... it wont hurt... I type so much i dont know if i said this ornot.. but unscrew your exhuast and try to run it and see if that helps .... should be a 1 1/4 screw.

.. let me know what you find out or any other questions. I love to trouble shoot these mopeds.. like i said I'm not a moped god..but i would like to be oneday.. ehhe

Re: one more question

Can I tell if the gasket is paper or copper without taking the head off? If it turns out to be paper, where can i get a replacement gasket? (Of course I'll buy the copper..)

Re: one more question

Yesterday I saw a brand new high performance exhaust for the Peugeot 103 on ebay. Do a search for "peugeot moped". If it's gone do a search under items competed and see if the guy has another of a source for another. I have a 103 and love it, unfortunately the exhaust mount is too new and this one won't fit.

Re: one more question

Matt Wilson /

High performance exhaust

So Matt, Why are you getting rid of your HiPo exhaust for you Peugeot. It sounds like a blast. I wish it would fit on mine, I just don't want to go through the time of welding on the adapter like you suggested in your ad.

By the way does anyone out there want to purchase a Peugeot 102 SP with a rust problem in the tank? I have an extra frame that is identical to it except in much better condition. I also have an extra seat for it.

manuals, parts

damn i wish i'd seen this bloody post earlier...

geoff...try this site

it has the manual and some parts (gaskets etc.).

Hoagy- im looking for a frame for a 102 sp maybe some extra me

if anyone knows of a webpage somewhere with some useful info on the 102/103 please let me killing myself trying to get my 102 in top notch condition...

Re: manuals, parts

hey man.. those 102's are a little bit diffren't form there big brother the 103...

theres not near as much parts avilable for the 102 but I have fond alot of the parts are interchanable and so aren't listed on websites as 102 parts.... simply becuase there are alot more 103's around. The main diffrences are a variable transmision for the 103.. as your 102 is a single speed

Also the frame is diffren't to accomodate this.. some of the 103's have a 2 bolt end on the exhaust pipe.. but most are the same 1 1/4 inch screw like you 102.. so a 103 performance pipe should work on our 102's.. the frame for the 103 actualy allows for the motor to move and it alot more bulky and wider then the 102.. so I relaly think the 102 would accept the performance pipe alot easier then the 103.. the 103 normaly comes with a little cnaister beer can size exhuast pipe.. and if you notice the 102 already has a long standard pipe..

your Carb is a Gurtner Carb...

I can't think of to much else.. if you tell me what else ya need im sure i can come up with it.

Re: Peugeot 103 Info

I just finished fixing up my peugeot 103sp. When I started I knew absolutely nothing about them too but now am quite comforatable wrenching on it. It is a wonderfully made machine!, I fixed my speedometer, replaced the condensor (the big problem) did my timing, put on new tires, changed some bulbs, changed the front brake (though it didn't really need it) and succesfully cleaned my rusty tank!!! among other little things. The help of everyone on this board was great and I found Moped Warehouse to be a great and reliable parts source. I would be happy to answer any questions I can as they come up.

Re: Peugeot 103 Info

i have a 1971 peugeot i have spark going to my spark plug wire and yes i have changed the plug.I have changed coil and condenser and still nothing looking for some help

Re: Peugeot 103 Info

can someone post a pic of the decompression setup on the 103, or a description? my roomate's seems to be missing and he's trying to set up something that works. thanks!


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