Head nut Torque??

What's the corrrect head nut torque on a Tomos engine and on a Minarelli engine?



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Reeperette /

Urgh Factor 1.

Not an exact measurement, but a useful one.

Urgh Factor = spin the nuts tight as they will go without significant effort, and then each 1/4 turn that requires any actual effort to make is an "Urgh!" factor.

(So Urgh-factor 4 would be one complete revolution.)

While it's not exact, it's a right useful way to measure torque if you don't have a torque wrench, silly as it sounds.

Head nuts should be firmly tight, but not gorilla-armed in, cause if you strip the bottom threads of the rods outta the transmission casing, you're majorly screwed.


Re: Head nut Torque??


Is that metric or SAE? I think I'll have to spring for a new torque wrench.


Re: Head nut Torque??

SteelToad /

I dont know but ...

When the Head Nut Torque's ... everyone listens

(somebody please fix the coffee machine)

Re: Head nut Torque??


Re: Head nut Torque??

The head nut torque for the Minarelli V1 engine is 7.3-8.7 foot-pounds.


Re: Head nut Torque??

Thanks Paul!


Re: Head nut Torque??

the zen approach...i like it

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