I bought an 82' Honda MB5

Does any one have one of these, what should I expect? Thanks.

Re: I bought an 82' Honda MB5

I hear they are fast little motorbikes. It's a manual shift right?

Re: I bought an 82' Honda MB5

yep its a 5 or 6 speed.

Re: I bought an 82' Honda MB5

They are pretty neat little street bikes. It may even be a moped where you live. It's a lot more popular in Japan and Europe and that's where you will find most of your parts. Check 50cc.nl's site... I think they have some parts for them.

I have and AR-80 that I haven't done much to lately, but it's a very similar bike.

I think if you do a google search on "tiddler" you can find some information on these smaller bikes.... Maybe even why they call them tiddlers- I always tought that was weird.

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