The value of a ped.

U would think that the older it is, the less its worth like a car. But thata not the case. To me it seems like the value goes up only during an oil crisis. I hate stupid people who walk up to me and offer $50 for my ped. Do they really think I'll actually go for it?

Re: The value of a ped.

Classic Cars gain value. Often times faster than a House, or mutual fund.

You can "Invest" in classic cars. I dont see why mopeds would be any different. Thats what I tell people anyways, when they ask why I have so many.

Cars loose value for about 25 years, tehn they start to gain it. And if you compare against inflation, they gain a lot.

Re: The value of a ped.

whenever a stranger asks how much, i always say double what i know i could get for it from another moped enthusiast. Whats scary is that lately a lot of people don't just say "fuck off" when I say some astronomical dollar amount. Oil being so expensive, there's a lot of jackasses buying old mopeds for new scooter prices.

Re: The value of a ped.

Hey brandon, can I buy your ped for 50$?

Re: The value of a ped.

Ill give you $60.00

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