OT where to find a beetle.

I have a twin carb, 77 beetle engine, and transmission.And nothing to put it in. Someone hook me up with somethin from an old barn. I hate to see this chromed out boxer sit around.

Re: OT where to find a beetle.

If you have emissions to deal with, get one old enough that it won't have to be tested. I had a 1776 with dual Webers, and there was no way that thing would pass an emissions test. I also had one with a stock manifold, except for the center section, which was designed for the 2 barrel Ford Pinto carb. Believe it or not, that actually worked fairly well. Not fast, but lots of torque. Peace, Jerry.

Re: OT where to find a beetle.

seek out the samba and ye shall find more VW than sticks can be shaken at. Possibly near you too.

Re: OT where to find a beetle.

Pic??? Sell to me???

Re: OT where to find a beetle.

seriously the samba .... best place TONS of volkswagen stuff get almost any parts you need forums if you need help

like literally everything is on this site


really go there now

... just to let you know im a huge volkswagen fan teh only car i have owned has been bugs

so really go to the samba...

craigslist does have some nice things but the samba will have everything you need

Re: OT where to find a beetle.

the samba could easily change its name to volkswagen army. love it. i have my bus and jetta up for possible trades there now.

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