In need of speed!!

Heres any easy subject. I'm wanting to upgrade my '95 Tomos Targa LX for more power and speed. I already have a BiTurbo on, and a 27 tooth front sprocket waiting to go on. I've heard of using different jets, which one is better, #53, #56, etc.? Do they make aftermarket air filters for mopeds? What kind of aftermarkets add-ons are avilable? I don't want to invest the money into a 60 or 70cc kit. Also, does adding small amounts of nitro (used in gas powered RC cars) to the gas help at all?

Re: In need of speed!!

Ataristyle /

I've put a BiTurbo muffler, Larger jet and a 27 tooth sprocket on my '98 Tomos Targa LX. Go for a #56 jet for the carb. The bigger the jet the more rich the Engine will run. Since you are making the bike go faster, you dont want it to run too lean and heat things up too much. With just a Biturbo muffler and a #56 jet I was able to reach speeds up to 38mph. I added a 27 tooth sprocket to my bike and I was pretty much at 38mph still. I didnt see too much performance in it. I was able to get 40mph ducking down to my bike. Maybe if the weather was different, bigger gust of wind to my back and I weighed a less than 160lbs I could go faster. Dont go for the 70cc engine kit. It will just give you problems(does to a majority of people). People say if its installed right it works good. Why go that much faster and mess your bike up really fast. It makes no sense to me. I want my Tomos to last years(at least 20+ years or at least 25,000 miles). If you just stick w/ a BiTurbo, #56 jet and a Speed Sprocket(not much improvement) then you'll be alright.

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Re: In need of speed!!

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>>Also, does adding small amounts of nitro (used in gas powered RC cars) to the gas help at all?<<

Nitro Methanol, once known as Cox 409 Fuel.

I used to add a tablespoon to each tank, no, it doesn't really do anything performance-wise, BUT, it does offset water/condensate in the winter, the moped will start more reliably and smoothes out the fuel burn a bit by boosting the octane, so it helps on a reliability issue as well as reducing carbonization and carb-glaze.

The only wild thought that occurs to me on this would be (for a 50:1 oil-injected Tomos) to go pre-mix on the fuel, and fill the injector tank with "Ole 409" and re-jet/adjust mix/whatever.

That'd be kind of neat.


Re: In need of speed!!

hey Reeperette ,thats probly the best idea on the forum page SERIOUSLY!! i have pondered over the idea but it seems that how will the pump stay lubricated?? theyre really little and simple to replace but those little bastards have to be some what expensive...the best idea i could ever guess for nitrous is this...if your familiar with paintball and air bottles the u will understand,,,take a 3.5 ounce CO2 bottle and fille it with nitrous and hook up all the fitting and hoses and drill and tap some sort of hole in the intake manifold or carb or some where and control it with an on/off valve on the bottle, making a quik boost simple!welll summer is around the corner and well this is gonna make a cool project for me !!


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