Atm's Kickstand and New Bikers

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So i gotta let this out somewhere.

Lately when i'm riding around , i notice alot of new riders on the road. Boatloads of new scooters, old scooters, tomos mopeds, all kinds of shit, even tons of new motorcylists. You can always tell em. They are doing the stuff we learned to not do years ago, like riding with thier feet out, stalling halfway through intersections from not reving the bike up enough, or just looking real uneasy. Seems like everyone is trying for the excellent milage there days....

So anywho I go to pick up lunch today in the car. Park it behind a young lady who's maybe 20 and is getting on her older honda 400. I make the same comment to my friend - wow, theres alot of new riders on the road...

I cross the street , go into the bank , put my atm card in the machine, enter my pin and hit "withdraw 20.oo"

Right as im doing this, i look to my right , and there she goes off down the road on her bike, with the left direction on headed toward an intersection about a 1/4 of a mile off and the sidestand down....


run out, actually jump in the convertible half frigging duke boys style, and rip off down the road with the horn blazing trying to catch up to her before she gets all road rash.

One of two things happens at the intersection - either she figured it out, or someone behind her noticed and beeped before she went thru, cause no way did she take a 45 with the side stand down.

So i turn around, go back to the bank and try and get my atm card. The tellers are happy and smiling cause someone just came in and handed them my card , fresh from the machine.

Somebody snatched the 20 bucks though...

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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