Mosquitto Fleet?

Hey, After being away for a long time I'm moving down to Seattle soon. I read that you have a Monday ride at the Mars Bar. I also heard that you hang at the Tin Hat. Is that true? I'd love to find some folks ride with.

p.s. the road laws in Alaska are pretty chill. Anything I should know about the city laws?

Re: Mosquitto Fleet?

we meet every monday night at mars bar. rain or shine.

not too many of us hang out at the tin hat regularly anymore, but there's a high concentration of us in ballard so we can be found getting liquored up at any number of neighborhood bars.

we get pulled over for the following:

running stop signs/blocking traffic

no mirrors (legally, mirrors are optional on mopeds)

no tail light

no plate

cops are getting smarter with mopeds, but we still run under the radar most of the time.

the fleet is tons of fun to hang out with. hope to see you soon.

Re: Mosquitto Fleet?

Thats awesome to hear! I will actually be staying in Ballard, any bars in particular? I'm sure I'll find them either way. Be there within 3 weeks!!!!

Re: Mosquitto Fleet?

ᴛᴇʀʀʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴ /

our rally is the 7th - 11th, make sure you're here then!

Re: Mosquitto Fleet?

yeah definitely show up for Moped Monday at the Mars Bar. Tons of fun every week of the year.

Also the rally Dean speaks of is August 7th - 11th, which will boe not only a hoot, but also a holler!

Re: Mosquitto Fleet?

Sweet Ass! I'll be there for sure!

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