OT reviving a diesel thats been sitting

So I'm looking at a car on sunday. Its a 1960s four cylinder diesel. Hasnt been started in 5 years. "ran great when parked story"

Aside from a battery and fresh gas, any tips?

the perks are its hella cheap, my roommates sister owns a veggiediesel conversion company, I have spare parts for this model already, and the engine will fit in the car I already have which is a gasoline version of the same car but with a broken crankshaft but in nicer cosmetic shape.

Re: OT reviving a diesel thats been sitting

You and your mercedeseseses

I don't know if you have injectors or a carb but that'll have to be cleaned out. Old mechanical injectors can be a real bitch to find replacements for.

Usual change of all fluids as soon as you can... You'll want to make sure the transmission is good, but without running that's not easy.

I'd bring:


Fresh fuel

starting fluid

a tow strap

compressor/air tank

Re: OT reviving a diesel thats been sitting

It does have mechanical injectors. what do they look like, where are they, and how do I clean them?

you excited for the mini rally?

Re: OT reviving a diesel thats been sitting

Leon Swarmer /

My 59 180 D had an injector pump on the side of the engine. It had two dipsticks for just the pump. Make sure it is well lubed. (they are VERRRRRY expensive)

Check all fluids.

I'd go ahead and pull the injectors out ( they go in where they look like spark plugs should go except, of course, they are connected to fuel line ( banjo bolts maybe) .

drop some oil into each cylinder and crank it

let the fuel squirt ( without injectors!!!) a bit just to clean the lines.

Be aware that as you crank the engine, the fuel can come out of those injectors at 1,700 psi. It'll blast right through skin if you are in the way.

Oh and watch your back. Those grilles can bite easily.

What model? Finback?


Re: OT reviving a diesel thats been sitting

yeah its a 62 190d. It hopefully will get my 66 200(gas) on the road again. Not looking forward to the wiring swap.

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Re: OT reviving a diesel thats been sitting

I know it wouldn't make much sense, but did anyone ever make a diesel moped?

Re: OT reviving a diesel thats been sitting

Yes and no, there was a "diesel" cyclemotor or two but I don't think they would run on straight diesel fuel. Usually some mixture of kerosene or paraffin and two cycle oil I believe. The power was quite poor, even for a cyclemotor. I think for the most part diesel engines are just a bit big and heavy for moped applications. The smallest true diesel engines being mass produced that I know of are generator size, probably about 350cc.

Re: OT reviving a diesel thats been sitting

You need not do anything with the fuel system at the engine, the fuel did not evaporate or go to varnish. It's oil. Be sure the fuel tank is clean of water/crap, give it fresh fuel. Fog the intake with a penetrating oil. Have a good battery and perhaps a good charger too. Be sure to know where the shut-off lever is on the pump.

Re: OT reviving a diesel thats been sitting

diesels are very forgiving. I would give it a shot and see what happens. as long as you have oil pressure and no air in the fuel lines it should be all gravy.

Re: OT reviving a diesel thats been sitting

Leon Swarmer /

Wiring swap a problem? If I understand right you are wanting to stab the diesel 4 into the gas body?

Most of the gauges (all?) are mechanical. There are few electronics on the engine proper. You'll need to run some heavy wiring for the glow plugs and the generator may be heavier on the diesel, but other than that I don's see an issue besides coving up the electrical connections to the ignition.

Re: OT reviving a diesel thats been sitting

If the crank rotates freely, all u really need to do is replace all filter, oil. Its gunna miss for the first few hours. After five years its gunna have dry injectors.

Re: OT reviving a diesel thats been sitting


most fall under your 350cc range... just sayin...

but i agree it's not impossible to make a diesel moped, just impratical, you'd only be able to bump start the thing and only on a steep downhill... man the compression needed...

Re: OT reviving a diesel thats been sitting

nope, did a double check, most are over the 350cc range the 6hp one is 349cc

i stand corrected and self mortified.

the cc to hp conversions are wierd to me, like a 2hp puch engine is 50cc however 4 more horses makes a huge jump up to 350cc?? seems inefficient.

Re: OT reviving a diesel thats been sitting

miss for the first few hours?

lets get a step by step procedure going.

1. check all fluid levels

2. hook up new battery

3. see if turns over

4. see if starts just for kicks

5. bleed all of the fuel out

6. clean the injectors

7. squirt of oil in each cylinder in glow plug hole?

8. repeat step 4

20/50 oil ok? its what I have a lot of.

Re: OT reviving a diesel thats been sitting

The injectors I've messed with are from diesel trucks, forklifts, etc and they look like tatoo guns. One per cylinder somewhere in the head. most likely a hard steel line leading to each. I'd be tempted to squirt some fuel in on step 7 but that may be what you meant.

What mini rally?

Re: OT reviving a diesel thats been sitting

What? Your scrapping a finback? or was the 200 as well. IMHO buy the car and drive it but I think the engine you really want is the 5cylinder turbo (OM617). Those engines are a dime a dozen and will run circles around that 4 banger. I wouldn't be too concerned about 5 years, but like any Mercedes Change That Coolant! Seriously though check out eBay for used OM617s they are just a dream and cheap too seeing as how that engine typically outlasts the car it's in.

Re: OT reviving a diesel thats been sitting

a 5 cylinder may fit in a 111 chassis, but isnt going to fit in a 110.

Re: OT reviving a diesel thats been sitting

Patrick Mattison /

diesel moped..... to start it take a piece of this????

The most extreme cold-starting system was probably that developed by International Harvester for their WD-40 tractor of the 1930s. This had a 7-litre 4-cylinder engine which ran as a diesel, but was started as a petrol engine. The cylinder head had valves which opened for a portion of the compression stroke to reduce the effective compression ratio, and a magneto produced the spark. An automatic ratchet system automatically disengaged the ignition system and closed the valves once the engine had run for 30 seconds. The operator then switched off the petrol fuel system and opened the throttle on the diesel injection system.

(from wiki)

that'd take care of startup compression, if not make the bike huge lol

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