rides of death

i have a peugeot 103 - top speed 75mph. i mainly drive my tomos sprint top speed 65mph. any one have parts for my peugeot. also does anyone know of any chapters starting around northern va/dc area?

Re: rides of death

how do you get your tomos to do 65mph?could you give me some tips, please!

Re: rides of death

chuck russo va /

hey fungi,

i am in fairfax, right across frmo fair oaks mall, i am looking for people to ride with.

right now i have a maxi newport, it will have a kit and hop up parts with en the next month, its not gonna go 75, but will will do 50 or so

Re: rides of death

i dwell in fairfax as well. west of fairfax city. thats cool, cause i am riding my tomos right now. i get it to go fast with my exaust kit, and carb mods.

Re: rides of death

How did you get the ped to go 65?... Mine currently goes about 30-35...

Some advice or tips will do some good for me...


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