Removing rear fender from Magnum

Seen a lot of Magnums minus the rear fender. Would you just forgo brake & tail lights? Are there any small format brake/tail lights available that could be connected to the existing electrical feed...maybe mounted into the rear of the seat, where the storage compartment is?


Re: Removing rear fender from Magnum

I mounted my taillight in my trunk, it's pretty ghetto but it works.

I'm thinking of building a trunk plate cover with a bunch of LEDs glued in it as a taillight.

Re: Removing rear fender from Magnum

Vlado vlado /

I got one from

look at HD lighting-tailights; there are some expensive and cheap too, cateye w/plate holder was my pick-16.99+S&H

Re: Removing rear fender from Magnum

mount your license plate off of your rear axle, and put your tail light on there.

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